An ode to Aberystwyth’s Vodka Tuesdays

So foul and fair a day, I have not seen

Trying to explain to first years the concept of Vodka Tuesdays was very hard to sum up: “Yes, the whole town empties itself into the pubs and bars.

“No, it’s not in one specific place.

“Yes, everyone is hammered.”

So, Vodka Tuesdays, this is for you.


Living for the weekend’s a thing of the past.

Go out on a Tuesday, you’ll be sure of a blast.

Starting off the night in Cambrian, a Jelly baby gin for two,

Elbows at the sticky bar, trying to conquer that God-awful queue.

Heading to the toilets, the site of those walls making you feel ill,

Thankfully you hear the chorus, “Let’s go to The Mill!”


The Jukebox in the corner is the thing that makes this place famous,

However its £1 Jaegerbombs that end up shaming us.

Trudging off to Downies, singing Angels at the top of your lungs,

Their huge measure of vodka will surely sour your tongues.

Then off to Harley’s, thats where the night starts to get wild,

Chat for hours in the smoking area but only if the weather is mild.


Academy is questionable at this time if you’re still standing,

The Quad-Vod you get there will be sure to leave your head banging.

Now’s the time for Pier or Yokos, allow your feet to choose,

Only the hardcore stay out till this time, no time to snooze.

We've bonded over our  shared love of pizza

And when you wake Wednesday morning, pizza box on the floor,

That thing you brought home lying next to you, starting to snore.

You lie there and think, “Should I do this again next Tuesday?”

If not for yourself, then do it for Harambe!