The biggest Love Is Blind dramas ever, from after the cameras stopped rolling

From cheating scandals and divorces to dodgy podcast interviews

Love Is Blind is one of the most dramatic shows around right now. But when the cameras stop rolling, the chaos doesn’t stop coming. The post Love Is Blind drama is just as big as what we see going down on the show, if not even bigger.

When the show is over, the cast members return to “normal” life and the reins come off. Over the years there have been huge bust ups, cheating scandals and couples who got married on the show ending things in divorce.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest post Love Is Blind drama there has ever been. You might want to sit down for this, it’s a lot.

The Gigi, Damian and Frankie from Too Hot To Handle saga

Biggest post Love Is Blind drama ever

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This post Love Is Blind drama actually altered my brain chemistry. It shook me to my very core. Damian and Gigi had a very messy relationship. They didn’t get married on the show, instead Damian said no and Gigi ran out of the venue and fell down a mudslide (iconic, love it from her).

But, after the show, they gave it another go. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Damian was pictured holding hands with Frankie from season one of Too Hot To Handle?! Confusing!! The plot thickened even more, when in After the Altar episodes Damian was meeting up with Frankie.

Despite supposedly giving things another go with Gigi, Damian invited Frankie to the reunion party. Gigi and Damian later broke things off for good, but it was a confusing time for all involved.

Nick and Danielle from season two got divorced, and it turned very messy

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A year after they got married during season two of Love Is Blind, Nick and Danielle announced they were getting divorced. At first they said the split had been “amicable” but then it turned messy when they each in turn did public interviews and made statements about one another.

Danielle spoke to E! News about her split from Nick and claimed: “There has been no accountability from his side. I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it takes two, but unfortunately, with every interview, he is putting all of the blame on me and this isn’t new. This was something he did the entire relationship.”

Speaking to People Magazine, Nick replied and said: “It’s hurtful to hear these comments. It’s disappointing that Danielle chooses to make false claims and defamatory comments about me and our relationship. It’s especially hurtful because she knows firsthand how difficult being in the public eye is.

“As I have stated before, I implemented a boundary to not engage in communication with Danielle for my own mental health because I did not feel like our communication was trustworthy or yielding positive outcomes.”

Also since the divorce, Nick appeared on a podcast to discuss the split, and Danielle called him out for “chatting shit” about her and other cast members. “Like, I don’t want this to be some sort of bloodbath. God damn,” she said.

Danielle then claimed Nick had been “silencing” her and “taking extreme measures to take me down”. Danielle said Nick was trying to “take her down” and “control the narrative” because he wants to go on another reality TV show. She accused him of making false statements in interviews, and said he is trying to “get attention” in the media. “I have been warned by his team that this could get messy and certain things of mine will be at stake or taken if I block him on social media,” she said in a since deleted statement.

In a statement to The Tab, Nick has said he didn’t know how to defend himself against such claims, and was trying to avoid negativity to protect his well-being. “I don’t know how to defend myself against baseless untrue statements,” he said. “I am not interested in a back-and-forth, he said she said. I am trying to navigate this divorce and protect my well-being while focusing on my podcast, career, friends, and family. I am ready to put this behind me. I’m always sending love and support to Danielle and the rest of the cast.”

Iyanna and Jarrette also got divorced, and for some reason Shake decided he needed to comment

Iyanna and Jarrette were actually the first Love Is Blind couple to announce they were getting divorced, but didn’t say much about what had happened between them. Since then, Iyanna has posted a video crying over the divorce finalising, and Shake has for some reason called her out for it.

“I’m crying for that marriage that I thought could work,” Iyanna said in the video. Shake shared a post about Iyanna and Jarrette’s divorce, and said on Instagram: “Cry me a river Iyanna. You and your ex had no problem blasting me with the world watching but now that you’re the one under pressure it’s the show’s fault?” He then followed up with another Instagram post calling Iyanna a “snotty brat”.

Biggest post Love Is Blind drama ever

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Lauren beefed about the season three cast, and then Shayne from season two got involved

Queen of our hearts, Lauren Speed-Hamilton from season one, made some tweets when season three of the show came out about the treatment of some of the cast members, and how she felt Black women had been “cut” from the final edit.

She raised the argument that Love Is Blind says it only keeps in couples who have a genuine connection, regardless of race, but then made the point that Shaina from season two was an example of a white woman who was kept on the show, even though she didn’t have a connection with anyone.

Then, Shayne from season two jumped to Shaina’s defence, a month after the tweets were posted. “Hey Lauren, you know what’s funny?” he said on Instagram. “You have me on your podcast and never bring this up. Must’ve got lost in all the Shaina questions you were asking me.” He then made a joke about the memes that went around about his eyes, saying “we all know my eyes couldn’t be more open and crazy” but said he “didn’t see you on set.”

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He continued: “How can you verify this? She [Shaina] got the most hate yet she left and you know as well as anyone some stay on for the wrong reasons. Maybe talk about a season three member that had a full blown relationship and they made him look like a prince.

“Let’s do an IG live, no edits possible there. Call out the network that gave you this platform, not a cast member. That’s right you work for them. Let’s be clear I’m not crazy I’m just sick of people using our likeness and being the hit pieces because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Toodaloo.”

Shayne and Natalie had a huge back and forth during podcast interviews and Natalie accused him of sending flirty messages to Shaina

After Love Is Blind season two saw their wedding not work out, Shayne and Natalie said they tried again to make their relationship work, multiple times.

On Nick Viall’s podcast, Shayne claimed they tried “four times” to make their relationship work, but it ended after an argument. Natalie then posted a statement saying it was actually two times, and they broke up after she found “flirtatious messages between him and other women”.

Biggest post Love Is Blind drama ever

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In After the Altar, it was claimed the messages were sent to co-star Shaina, but Shayne denied he had been sending flirty messages to her. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Natalie said there is footage from After the Altar of her showing the DMs, but it was cut from the show. I guess we’ll never know!

Shake launched a podcast, where he basically just shares ALL his opinions

In season two, Shake made his opinions known – and all of those opinions were ones we didn’t want or need. When the show ended he launched a podcast called “Love Is Blurry”, after coining the phrase during the reunion episode. He since changed the name to “Life is Blurry”, and told The Tab the new podcast would cover “controversial topics that won’t be politically correct but all through a lens of radical honesty.”

He said: “This isn’t a show about being politically correct – its about calling a spade a spade. We will have controversial guests. We will make people think for themselves. We will make people challenge what the media and popular opinion has brainwashed them into thinking. This is not a show for the weak of heart.”

Natalie took legal action against Shake!

The trend of the cast members going straight onto podcasts after season two got real messy, and ended in Natalie taking legal action against Shake. It’s been reported she served him with a cease and desist notice in August this year. This is allegedly because Shake had made false allegations about her in interviews.

Deepti and Kyle got together… but then broke up

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Straight after Love Is Blind season two, there was loads of speculation between Deepti and Kyle. They’d been seen hanging out together a lot, and were quite mysterious surrounding rumours they might have been dating. During the After the Altar episodes of the show they announced they were together, but by the time it aired they said they’d broken up.

The SK and Raven cheating scandal

Biggest post Love Is Blind drama ever

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Our hearts were left so full when in the Love Is Blind season three reunion SK and Raven revealed they were dating again, despite not getting married on the show. But within a matter of weeks it turned to the biggest post Love Is Blind season three drama to date, when it was announced they’d split up, amid multiple women making cheating allegations against SK.

Two women spoke out about being in relationships with SK at the same time he was with Raven, and then it was further reported a third woman also made claims against him. Posting on Instagram, Jada Rice claimed she dated SK in 2019 and said she has “been silent until now”. She shared photos and videos of her and SK together and said she always knew SK was a “serial cheater”.

A woman called Hannah claimed she and SK started dating in 2019 and then broke up, but rekindled things on a trip to Ibiza during the summer of 2021, which would have been just after the filming of Love Is Blind season three. She claimed SK had told her he and Raven were just friends.

Speaking on Instagram, SK has since said he has been “falsely misrepresented” by the claims which have been made. “The allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent and we are actively pursing legal actions against some of the accusers involved,” he said. “I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused Raven, my family and everyone involved. Raven and I will continue to support each other and wish nothing but love.”

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