Love Is Blind net worths: Who are the Netflix show’s richest stars?

Natalie and Deepti from season two are both millionaires now


The aim of Love Is Blind is for singles to go on, make deep and emotional connections with people they have never seen and at the end of the show get married. And whilst some couples do that, it’s very few who do. But one thing is for sure: People who appear on Love Is Blind go on to achieve seriously high net worths.

Some of the old cast members have gone on to become fully-fledged influencers since they appeared on the show, charging fans for shoutouts on Cameo and working with all kinds of brands. Others have written books, started podcasts and even founded their own companies and had clothing ranges. They really have gone on to make big bucks.

Here are all the known net worths of the biggest stars who have come from Love Is Blind, ranked by who is the richest.

Shayne Jansen – $200k

via Instagram @shaynejansen

Shayne, from season two of Love Is Blind, has a reported net worth of $200k. He’s made this from his reality TV appearances, as well as working in real estate.

Amber Pike – $200k

The net worths of the biggest stars from Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Instagram @atypicalamber

Despite having huge student debts when she was on the show, Amber has come through and paid them all off. She now has a healthy net worth of an estimated $200k and makes a lot of money on Instagram, with her 1.3million followers.

Kelly Chase – $300k

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Since the show, Kelly has had a lot of money-making going on. She’s started hosting a podcast, and is currently working as a holistic health, business and mindset coach, whilst running her own companies – ChaseLife with Kelly and Goddess Magic. “I help female entrepreneurs overcome burnout, master their self worth and unleash their Goddess Magic!” her LinkedIn says. She’s also worked with brands such as Fabletics and self-tanning brand Spray Studio, on Instagram.

Diamond Jack – $300k

via Instagram @iam_diamondjack

Diamond really caused a stir in season one of Love Is Blind, dramatically leaving at the retreat after a huge argument with Carlton. Diamond used to be a dancer, and now works for a non-profit, helping those affected by cancer.

Matt Barnett – $300k

via Instagram @barnettisblind

Matt has done some sponsored work on Instagram since being on the show, and he now has 1.2million followers, meaning he can charge brands a lot for posts. Matt also works in engineering, as a project manager for a general contractor.

Jessica Batten – $400k

The net worths of the biggest stars from Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Instagram @jessicabatten_

Jessica claimed to be a regional manager earning six figures on the show, so it’s no surprise she has a healthy net worth. She has since signed with JB Social Group, an agency for influencers. Jessica is also one half of The Unsettled Podcast, which features candid conversations from her and longtime best friend, EMMY-award winning journalist, Ashley Thompson.

Mark Cuevas – $500k

via Instagram @markanthonycuevas_

Mark works in fitness and health, with his plans being aimed at parents who want to lose weight. He has an ebook full of tips and advice and he currently works as a sales manager and personal trainer at Solcioty Fitness. He recently founded a company called Meta Training Athletics and he and his fianceé have their own YouTube channel.

Bartise Bowden – $500k

via Instagram @bartiseb

According to some sites, Bartise already has a net worth of $500k, despite only being on the most recent season of Love Is Blind. He has worked as a senior analyst, which is where he made most of this money, and has also appeared on Netflix series, Perfect Match.

Giannina ‘Gigi’ Gibelli – $500k

The net worths of the biggest stars from Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Instagram @gianninagibelli

Since being on the show, Gigi has started her own money making ventures. She has very recently launched her own butterfly-themed clothing and accessories range which she says is “a collection dedicated to being unapologetically yourself”. She’s also signed to a creative agency and does a lot of paid partnerships on Instagram. She has a huge 1.9million Instagram followers, so it’s a potentially huge money pot for her.

Alexa Alfia – $700k

via Instagram @mrsalexalemieux

Alexa didn’t need season three of Love Is Blind to make her rich, she was already loaded. On the show she let us know she lives a boujee lifestyle, and her family live in a $2.4million mansion. Alexa is an insurance agency owner, and her company is called Alexa Alfia Allstate Agency.

According to reports, Alexa has a rumoured net worth of $700k. Her dad – who was a fav on the show – is also a big time businessman. He founded the company Real Time Feedback, and also owns a few restaurants and nightclubs, including a neighbourhood taco shop and bar, Theory Nightclub in Dallas, and a restaurant called Cutie Pies Pizza. He also owns a boutique fitness studio.

Kenny Barnes – $1million

via Instagram @kennybarnes11

Kenny currently works for a lighting company, called TEAM Lighting. He works in sales and controls as an architectural and lighting consultant and has worked for the brand since 2019. He also does a few sponsored posts on Instagram, mostly with the same beer brand, and has 482k followers.

Deepti Vempati – $1million

via Instagram @lifewithdeeps

Since being on season two, Deepti has gone on to be hugely successful. She revealed she’s making $500k a year as an influencer since the show, and has launched a podcast called Out Of The Pods which she hosts with fellow cast member Natalie Lee.

Deepti has also been a speaker for TED talks in Chicago, and is now an author. Her book, I Chose Myself, is all about her personal life story. A percentage of book proceeds are donated to charities supporting mental health and survivors of domestic abuse.

Damian Powers – $1million

The net worths of the biggest stars from Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Instagram @damian__powers

Damian is a millionaire after appearing on the show. He is now part of Brawl for a Cause, a non-profit organisation which says it is “dedicated to training, equipping and inspiring everyday people to literally fight for what they believe in.” It sets up boxing matches to raise money for charity. He also does some sponsored Instagram posts, he has 842k followers and posts adverts for things such as health supplements and gym products.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton – $1.5million

via Instagram @need4lspeed

Lauren has continued to grow since being on the show. She’s an entrepreneur, host, author and creative. Since finding love on the show, Lauren and her husband Cameron have written a book together called Leap Of Faith and launched a YouTube channel. She is the co-host of MTV’s dating show Match Me If You Can and owns a multimedia company.

Lauren also does a lot of Instagram sponsored posts, with her 2.5million followers meaning she can charge brands thousands to work with her. She has also just launched her own podcast, so the ventures just keep on coming for her. All of her work has helped make her a millionaire, with a net worth of $1.5million.

Natalie Lee – $2million

via Instagram @natalieminalee

Natalie Lee had a hugely successful corporate career before Love Is Blind, and has only been adding to that since. As well as the podcast she co-hosts with Deepti, Natalie is now working as an influencer, doing multiple sponsored posts on Instagram. She works as a management consultant and content creator.

She too has said she is making around $500k from being an influencer.

Cameron Hamilton – $2million

The net worths of the biggest stars from Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

Cameron has done a lot of work with his wife Lauren, with their book and YouTube channel. They started “Hanging with the Hamiltons”, a YouTube channel which follows their day-to-day lives and also has a merch line. As well as all this, Cameron has continued to work as a scientist. He has worked as a data science consultant for Weill Cornell Medicine, and also founded his own company, Alliance AI, in 2019. Cameron now has the highest of all the net worths of people from Love Is Blind, a huge $2million.

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