Babies, breakups and marriage: What the cast of Love Is Blind season one are up to now

Mark just got married, and has two children!


Yes, season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix definitely provided a lot of drama and huge personalities, but somehow nothing will ever top the first cast. It really had everything, the wholesome and heart-warming connection of Lauren and Cameron, the character arc of Jessica and the chaos of Gigi really was a beautiful combination of god-tier TV.

But what are our favourite lineup doing these days? The married Love Is Blind couples are still together, whilst others who didn’t find love have gone on to have new relationships, engagements and even children with people they’ve met since. Here’s what the cast members of season one of Love Is Blind are up to now.

Lauren and Cameron

What the cast of season one of Love Is Blind on Netflix are up to now, Lauren and Cameron

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Everyone’s favourite couple are of course still together, and Cameron recently posted to say he “really is living my best life”. It’s what they deserve. They got married in 2018 and in November celebrated their third wedding anniversary with a trip to a winery. Since finding love on the show they’ve written a book together called Leap Of Faith, launched a YouTube channel and have millions of Instagram followers.

The pair recently moved into a family home together and have said they are ready to have a family and are trying for a baby. “We’re actively trying. So it’s a whole lot of practicing right now,” Lauren told Entertainment Tonight. “But we’re enjoying the practicing.”

Speaking of pressures of having a family in the public eye, Cameron told Elle: “One of the tough things is people really want to see us have a baby. And we really want to have a baby, but everyone’s like, ‘Hurry up. Where’s the baby? Why are you taking so long?’ And then they start speculating like, ‘Oh, does Lauren not want to have a baby?’ Or, ‘[Is] something going on?’ All these sorts of things. And they don’t think about it from our perspective and what that might mean to us. So there’s a lot that has to be done to just try to block out all that noise and focus on each other.”

The pair added they are still in touch with the Barnetts from the show. Cameron’s Instagram bio also states: “Yes, I’m still a scientist too.”

Amber and Barnett

What the cast of season one of Love Is Blind on Netflix are up to now, Amber and Barnett

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The Barnetts, Amber and Matt, nicknamed “Barnett”, are also still together. They became known as the big kids of season one, and are still living up to that now. Their Instagrams are full of pictures of them at clubs together, on wild adventure holidays and they seem to be in fancy dress… a lot. They live together and have a dog now, too.

Amber’s student loans were a big talking point on the show, but you’ll be relieved to know that in 2020 she paid them all off. Barnett got her cake to say congratulations, which is very very cute. You can also book both Amber and Barnett on Cameo – Barnett is the bargain at £37, whilst Amber costs £44.

Giannina ‘Gigi’ Gibelli

Giannina 'Gigi' Gibelli

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Gigi was the bringer of the drama in season one. Never forget her and Damian making it to their wedding, before she said yes and he said no, so she ran away from the venue, fell down a mud slide and came back and ripped up her dress. After the show, they gave it another go but later split up.

But, Gigi as definitely moved on now and is rumoured to be dating Bachelorette star, Blake Horstmann. “They’re taking things slow. But [they] seem really happy together,” a source told People magazine. It was rumoured they were dating after they posted very similar pictures on New Year’s Eve.

Gigi also has very recently launched her own butterfly-themed clothing and accessories range. Announcing it, she said it is reflective of her time on Love Is Blind. She said: “A collection dedicated to being unapologetically yourself. The past two years have absolutely changed my life, half the time I feel like I’m in a dream and the other I’m wishing I could stop time to drink it all in. Being a part of a social experiment that I thought no one would ever see wasn’t something I planned, nor were the things that came out of my mouth.. and what happened after. Saying exactly how I felt when I felt it helped me discover what it truly meant to choose myself and I truly believe that everyone should know what that feels like, to choose to love yourself so much you finally get your butterflies back and to make your happiness as important as the air you breath.”

Damian Powers

What the cast of season one of Love Is Blind on Netflix are up to now, Damian Powers

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Whilst all the drama with his on-off relationship with Gigi was happening, it was rumoured Damian was also seeing Francesca from Too Hot To Handle. He even invited her along as his date to the Love Is Blind reunion, despite the fact he was meant to be there with Gigi. It was messy to say the least. It doesn’t look like Damian is dating anyone at the moment.

Damian is now part of Brawl for a Cause, a non-profit organisation which says it is “dedicated to training, equipping and inspiring everyday people to literally fight for what they believe in.” It sets up boxing matches to raise money for charity. He also does some sponsored Instagram posts, he has 827k followers and posts adverts for things such as health supplements and gym products.

Jessica Batten

Jessica Batten

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Jessica had a messy time on Love Is Blind, but she became the icon of the show. And after failing to find love in season one of Love Is Blind, Jessica is now engaged! She announced the news in September 2021, after first starting to date foot and ankle surgeon Benjamin McGrath in March 2020. He reached out to her on Instagram after seeing her on the show.

Speaking of their engagement, Jessica said: “I don’t think it has quite sunk in, but I’m definitely floating somewhere on cloud nine. It’s been really, really exciting!” Benjamin, who has two children from a previous relationship, is credited by Jessica as getting her out of the tough time she had after the show. Speaking to Bustle, Jessica said Love Is Blind didn’t “break her spirit, nothing like that,” but added: “I was broken down for sure.” . However, the interview concludes that Jessica is now “doing just fine”.

Jessica is now one half of The Unsettled Podcast, which features candid conversations from her and longtime best friend, EMMY-award winning journalist, Ashley Thompson.

Mark Anthony Cuevas

Mark truly has been keeping busy since his days in the cast of season one of Love Is Blind, as he is now a father of two! He’s just got married to Aubrey Rainey and they have two sons. Aubrey gave birth to their first son, Ace, in 2021 and nine months later they welcome a second son, Axton.

Mark and Aubrey have been together since summer 2019. They told People magazine: “We met at a restaurant in Atlanta, kept in contact and started visiting each other frequently. We took a Fourth of July trip to Savannah, Georgia, where we officially started dating and then never left each other’s side since.” Over the first weekend of September 2022, the couple announced they had tied the knot, two years after getting engaged. They got married at a Sapphire Creek Winery in Ohio.

Now, Mark works in fitness and health, with his plans being aimed at parents who want to lose weight. He has an ebook full of tips and advice and he currently works as a sales manager and personal trainer at Solcioty Fitness.

Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Since the show, Kelly has had a lot going on. She’s started hosting a podcast, and is currently working as a holistic health, business and mindset coach, whilst running her own companies – ChaseLife with Kelly and Goddess Magic. “I help female entrepreneurs overcome burnout, master their self worth and unleash their Goddess Magic!” her LinkedIn says.

She’s also worked with brands such as Fabletics and self-tanning brand, Spray Studio. You can also pay £56 for a personalised video from Kelly on Cameo. 

Kenny Barnes

What the cast of season one of Love Is Blind on Netflix are up to now, Kenny Barnes

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In 2020, it was announced Kenny Barnes had already got engaged to someone new, six months after the show aired. When he proposed, he had been dating Alexandra Garrison for a little over one year, and popped the question at Duke Mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina. The two were introduced by Kenny’s younger sister Anna and dated long-distance for the first three months of their relationship. They are planning on getting married later this year.

Kenny currently works for a lighting company, called TEAM Lighting. He works in sales and controls and has worked for the brand since 2019.

Both seasons of Love Is Blind are available on Netflix now, with the last episode being released on Friday. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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