Ranked: The cast of Netflix show Perfect Match, by their huge net worths

Tell me again why they all need to go on MORE reality shows?

Perfect Match sees people who have already made a name for themselves through Netflix reality shows come back and try and find love again, with each other. Because a lot of the Perfect Match cast members are very recognisable faces, they all have very impressive net worths.

From making money as realtors in real estate shows, to appearing on dating series and then becoming influencers – this bunch have very varied and colourful careers. So, here is ranking of all the known net worths of the cast of Perfect Match on Netflix.

Shayne Jansen – $200k (£166k)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @shaynejansen

Shayne, from season three of Love Is Blind, has a reported net worth of $200k. He’s made this from his reality TV appearances, as well as working in real estate.

Calvin Crooks – $300k (£250k)

via Instagram @kiingcrooks

Calvin is known as being on The Circle. He’s also worked as a private chef, athlete and software engineer. All of this, plus appearinG on reality TV, has earned him an estimated net worth of $300k.

Diamond Jack – $300k (£250k)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @iam_diamondjack

Diamond really caused a stir in season one of Love Is Blind, dramatically leaving at the retreat after a huge argument with Carlton. Diamond used to be a dancer, and now works for a non-profit, helping those affected by cancer.

Chloe Veitch – $400k (£300k)

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Chloe has become a huge TV name since being on season one of Too Hot To Handle. She’s been on The Circle, Celebrity Hunted and hosts the Too Hot To Handle reunion. As well as this, she can charge around £3,781 per Instagram post to her 1.9million followers. All this has helped her earn an estimated net worth of around $400k.

Bartise Bowden – $500k (£416k)

via Instagram @bartiseb

According to some sites, Bartise already has a net worth of $500k, despite only being on the most recent season of Love Is Blind. He has worked as a senior analyst, which is where he made most of this money.

Georgia Hassarati – $500k (£416k)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @georgiahassarati

Georgia is best known for appearing on season three of Too Hot To Handle. She’s a trained midwife, and now on top of that does loads of sponsorship deals to her 978k Instagram followers. She’s worked with brands such as Lounge Underwear, Revolve and Oh Polly.

Chase DeMoor – $500k (£416k)

via Instagram @chasedemoor

Athlete and star of Too Hot To Handle season two Chase has a net worth of $500k. Since appearing on the show, Chase has one million Instagram and TikTok followers, and has a YouTube channel where he shares vlogs of his trips and insights into his life. He’s done some modelling work, launched an OnlyFans and is still a football player.

Colony Reeves – $600k (£500k)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @colonyreeves

Colony is one of the realtors from Netflix series, Selling Tampa. According to her LinkedIn, Colony began working at Allure Realty in October 2019. Before then she was working for another brokerage for two years, after graduating from the University of South Florida.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere – $700k (£583k)

via Instagram @annesophiepf

Anne-Sophie is also from Selling Tampa. Her career background is in marketing, and now she is one of the top realtors at Allure, and has gained herself a net worth of an estimated $700k. She joined Allure in December 2019.

Savannah Palacio – $1million (£830k)

via Instagram @savpalacio

Savannah is best known for her appearance on The Circle. She works as a data researcher, but is now a fully-fledged influencer, too. She has over 400k Instagram followers and is always promoting fashion and beauty brands.

Damian Powers – $1million (£830k)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @damian__powers

Damian is a millionaire after appearing on Love Is Blind. He is now part of Brawl for a Cause, a non-profit organisation which says it is “dedicated to training, equipping and inspiring everyday people to literally fight for what they believe in.” It sets up boxing matches to raise money for charity. He also does some sponsored Instagram posts, he has over 800k followers and posts adverts for things such as health supplements and gym products.

Joey Sasso – $1.5million (£1.25million)

via Instagram @joeysasso

Joey is one of the biggest characters in Perfect Match, and he has one of the biggest net worths to match. As well as being on The Circle, Joey is an actor with TV and film credits. After being inspired by filmmaking at a young age, Joey started making his own movies on his family’s home video recorder.

Francesca Farago – $3million (£2.5million)

Perfect Match on Netflix cast net worths

via Instagram @francescafarago

Francesca has gone on to be hugely successful since appearing in season one of Too Hot To Handle. She’s started her own ethical and sustainable swimwear brand, Farago The Label. She also earns a huge £11,328 per post on her Instagram feed thanks to her 5.7million followers, making her the biggest ever Instagram earner from Too Hot To Handle. 

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