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Ranked: The Too Hot To Handle stars earning up to £50k per post on Instagram

They are making serious BANK


One of the first things you do after watching a big reality TV show is go and check out the cast on Instagram. No doubt, you’ll follow a few of your favs and keep up with what they’re doing. So, it’s no surprise that some of the stars of Netflix dating series Too Hot To Handle have become some of the highest Instagram earners there are, since their time on the show.

Cashing in on followers is a rite of passage for TV stars. They get a huge following, and in return brands pay through the roof to have them post about their products. From Francesca Farago to Cam Holmes, the teams at WeThrift and TopRatedCasinos have created lists of who is making the most money. Here’s what was found – these are the Too Hot To Handle cast members who have gone on to be the highest ever earners on Instagram since the show.

12. Carly Lawrence – £2,562 ($3,479)

Carly was on the second season of Too Hot To Handle, and has since announced she is dating another reality TV star. She has 1.3million followers, and can charged just over £2,500 per sponsored post.

11. Rhonda Paul – £2,756 ($3,742)

Rhonda was on the first season of the show, and now has 945k Instagram followers. When she posts an advert, she can charge around £2,756.

10. David Birtwistle –  £2,792 ($3,791)

David Birtwistle rose to fame on the first season of Too Hot To Handle, and has since gone on to star on a second reality TV dating show – The Love Trap. He now has just over 950k followers and can charge around £2,792 per post.

9. Chase DeMoor –  ​£2,866 ($3,892)

Chase DeMoor was on season two of the show. He can now charge an estimated £2,866 per post to his 1million Instagram followers.

8. Marvin Anthony – £2,992 ($4,062)

Marvin, who won season two of the show, can now charge an estimated £2,992 for a sponsored post on Instagram. He has 1.5million Instagram followers.

7. Cam Holmes – £3,341 ($4,537)

Cam now has 1.7million Instagram followers after he was on season two of the show. He’s still with Emily who he met on Too Hot To Handle, and he can earn up to £3,341 per Instagram post.

6. Emily Miller – £10k ($12.7k)

Emily is the next highest earner from the cast now, raking in around £10k per post. The season two cast member has 2million followers on Instagram.

5. Georgia Hassarati – £12,083 ($15,357)

Georgia does a lot of sponsored content on Instagram, and this is reportedly bringing in around £12k per post for her.

4. Chloe Veitch – £16,175 ($20,558)

Chloe has become a huge TV name since being on the show. She’s been on The Circle, Celebrity Hunted and hosts the Too Hot To Handle reunion. As well as this, she can charge around £16k per Instagram post to her 2million followers.

2. Harry Jowsey – £33,161 ($42,147)

Harry Jowsey, now a YouTuber, podcast host and big online personality, takes second place with £33k per Instagram post. He left the first season with Francesca, and now has 4.1million Instagram followers.

1. Francesca Farago – £48,410 ($61,529)

Francesca Farago, who appeared on Too Hot To Handle season one, has topped the list to become the show’s most successful and highest of all Instagram earners. She earns a huge £48k per post on her Instagram feed thanks to her 6.2million followers.

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