They’ve finally spilled! Which Too Hot To Handle season three couples are still together

Ok this is a SHOCK?!

Straight after watching season three of Too Hot To Handle, you can’t help but find yourself desperately waiting for updates on which of the couples are still together. This year, two couples left the retreat together: Harry and Beaux and Nathan and Holly.

Harry and Beaux have teased a few videos together on Instagram and seem to be spending time together, whilst Holly and Nathan have been much more secretive about their time since filming. But now, in a YouTube live reunion episode hosted by season one’s Chloe Veitch, this year’s cast have spilled the tea on everything. Most importantly, the couples who left season three of Too Hot To Handle have shared if they are still together. Here’s what they said.

Beaux and Harry

Are they still together? No!!!

Which Too Hot To Handle season three couples are still together, Harry and Beaux

via Netflix

In the biggest shock of Too Hot To Handle season three, our favs Beaux and Harry aren’t still together! In the reunion they said they had spent some time together, and even have a planned trip to the Maldives with their prize fund, but they are no longer an item. “When we got home, it was going from being with each other every day and then nothing at all, it was just really hard,” Beaux said. “We’ve stayed in contact and we’re really close still, which is nice.” They are still off to the Maldives together though, and Beaux said “you never know” when asked if they might get back together. “Never say never,” Harry added.

Holly and Nathan

Are they still together? Umm, ish

Which Too Hot To Handle season three couples are still together, Nathan and Holly

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On the live Too Hot To Handle reunion, Holly and Nathan revealed they are “putting a pin in things” with their relationship right now. Holly said she had a lovely time coming over to London to see Nathan after the show, and she met his family and spent some time in the countryside. However, she has just graduated and has a lot going on, and with the distance, they aren’t putting too much pressure on themselves right now. When Chloe asked if they’d be looking to rekindle things in the future, they said they would.

All is not lost!

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