It needs to be said: The guys in Too Hot To Handle season three are more toxic than ever

There are only so many times you can excuse their behaviour because they’re ‘horny’

Every year, Too Hot To Handle introduces us to a new bunch of singles, with some of the highest sex-drives on the planet. The whole premise of the show is that these people are so hot, they simply cannot resist the urge to have sex. So granted, the cast members are never going to be the sort of people who sit in the villa with a cup of tea and cause no problems, but this year the guys on Too Hot To Handle have been worse than ever.

I get it, they have high sex-drives. The show is all about them learning about themselves and making deeper connections with one another. But come on, these guys come across as having no self-control, no respect and treat women like shit. No matter how many times you try to pass it off as them being “horny”, it never makes it okay.

So, let’s get down to it. The guys in Too Hot To Handle this year have shown they are toxic many many times. Here’s a rundown of everything they did.

*Contains some spoilers*

The guys in Too Hot To Handle season three are more toxic than ever

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The way Stevan and Patrick spoke about Georgia

Things weren’t off to a great start, because the downfall of some of the guys started in just episode one. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware this is the main “point” of the show and all the cast members are on there because they’re horny, but the way some of the guys openly and unapologetically objectify women needs to be called out.

Right at the start, it’s become clear Stevan, Patrick and Harry all fancy Georgia. Stevan and Patrick go for a chat to discuss this. They both talk about “letting the best man win” and how one of them will have to get with her in the end. Um, are we forgetting that Georgia has a say in this too? Boys, do you realise she might actually want ~neither~ of you? She pied them both, and tbh, good for her.

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The reaction to Georgia and Izzy kissing

In episode two, Georgia decides to take control of her weird love-square situation, showing she can do what she wants and break the rules on her own terms. She kisses Izzy. At first, the male contestants are all really angry about being fined, and want to know exactly who has broken the rules. As soon as it’s revealed it was two girls, they aren’t angry anymore, and are instead just upset they couldn’t have watched. Yes, men are still this immature and narrow-minded.

Stevan suddenly changes his tune to be “I can’t be that mad, that’s hot” and then goes on to say “I’m into that sort of thing”. Truth adds he “likes that shit”. Later, Patrick and Stevan have a chat about the rule break and Stevan says he’s only now angry because he “wanted to watch it” to which Patrick says “me too, bro”.

The guys in Too Hot To Handle season three are more toxic than ever

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It’s just gross. There’s no other way of putting it. Watching Patrick stick his tongue out as he openly fetishises two women kissing is uncomfortable to watch. Wow! Women kiss each other! And it’s not for male pleasure!

Truth. Let’s discuss the most ironic name in history

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I don’t even think this needs much explaining. Truth, who is actually called Robert, must have chosen to change his name as a joke, because he is anything but truthful. He tried to play Izzy and Jaz off one another – telling Jaz he connected with her in the workshop and was all about her, but then also telling Izzy he was only interested in her. But, he got booted out for everything he did so, justice was served.

Harry constantly mentioning his ‘blue balls’

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Have we not learned anything from Cam in season two? He was called out for using the excuse of “blue balls” to be manipulative, and now Harry is using the same excuses. Blue balls have previously been discounted as pretty much a myth, and if there is any, what would be extremely minor, pain then there a multiple other ways to relieve it. Harry goes around moaning about his “blue balls” all the time, multiple times saying it to Beaux, as if it’s her problem. It’s not her problem, in fact, it’s not really a problem at all.

Nathan’s entire character arc basically rewarded someone for being a dick

Right, Nathan was one of the guys on Too Hot To Handle this year who broke the most rules. He showed a complete disregard for the process, to the extent where he was kicked out of the retreat. He was later given a second chance, and after a day of “workshops” reentered the villa. He was given a hero’s welcome, and was then one of the finalists put forward to win the money – yes, the prize fund he was partly responsible for losing.

The guys in Too Hot To Handle season three are more toxic than ever

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Does this not just prove he was rewarded for being a dick? Ok he told Holly he loves her, but Lana is constantly saying actions speak louder than words, and his only actions were rule breaks. Not for one minute do I believe this is suddenly a changed man, let alone one who deserves $90k for his troubles.

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