These are all the people who went on Too Hot To Handle and are now millionaires

How do you apply for this show again?

The cast of Too Hot To Handle *supposedly* have no idea of the show they have signed up for – so imagine people have been going on it and ending up millionaires off the back of their worldwide Netflix fame. It’s the stuff of dreams really, isn’t it?

It looks like dreams really do come true, because quite a few past cast members have earned millionaire status since being on the show. From launching their own brands, to becoming influencers and having podcasts – they really are out here living.

Here is a list of the net worths of some of the richest people from Too Hot To Handle, strictly millionaires only!

Kelechi Dyke – $1million (£750k)

Cast members from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix who are now millionaires

via Instagram @kelechidyke

Ok, Kelz is British and a millionaire in dollars, but I’m still counting him. He was nicknamed the accountant of season one, constantly checking nobody was breaking Lana’s rules and rinsing the prize fund, but now he might want to hire an accountant of his own! He’s got a huge net worth, and went on to compete in MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies last year, but he left after the second episode.

Kelz is an athlete, model and has had brand deals since the show. All of this has given him an estimated net worth of around $1million.

Emily Miller – $1million (£750k)

via Instagram @emilyfayemiller

Same as Kelz, Emily technically doesn’t have a UK net worth in the millions of pounds, but in dollars she does. That aside, she’s one of the most successful people to have found fame following Too Hot To Handle. Emily is still with Cam, and they’re a bit of a power couple.

Emily’s become a fully-fledged influencer, and has had her own ranges with Simmi Shoes, Missy Empire and most recently with Oh Polly. She’s also worked with fashion brands such as Boohoo, Lounge Underwear and PrettyLittleThing. She is currently raking in just under £4k per post on Instagram.

Rhonda Paul – $1.2million (£1million)

Cast members from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix who are now millionaires

via Instagram @imrhondapaul

Rhonda was on season one of the show. She owns a jewellery brand called Pure Luxx and has worked with brands such as Fashion Nova. From this, her net worth has been estimated at $1.2million.

David Birtwistle – $1.8million (£1.48million)

via Instagram @david.birtwistle

David Birtwistle, who was on season one, has since gone on to star on a second reality TV dating show, The Love Trap. This saw him back on the look for love, but surprise surprise, he didn’t find it. After Too Hot To Handle, David went back to being a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He is also a Nike Training ambassador, and the founder of a performance coaching company, called Endeavour Life.

Cam Holmes – $2million (£1.64million)

Cast members from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix who are now millionaires

via Instagram @camholmess

Since being in season two, Cam has been doing branded work with BoohooMAN and has also done sponsored Instagram posts with Fashion Nova and Spotify. He can earn over £3k per Instagram post. He and Emily, who he left the show with, also have a joint YouTube channel.

Francesca Farago – $3million (£2.25million)

via Instagram @francescafarago

Francesca has gone on to be hugely successful since appearing in season one of the show, and is a multimillionaire. She’s started her own ethical and sustainable swimwear brand, Farago The Label, and also earns an estimated £11k per post to her 5.7million Instagram followers. Francesca is constantly doing brand deals on Insta, as well as promoting her own business.

Harry Jowsey – $4.5million (£3.4million)

Cast members from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix who are now millionaires

via Instagram @harryjowsey

I’m not at all surprised that Harry Jowsey is the richest person to come from Too Hot To Handle, easily topping the millionaires list. He’s now a YouTuber, podcast host and big online personality. He has 4.8million followers on TikTok, 4.2million Instagram followers and a hugely successful podcast, Dating Harry Jowsey. All of this has earned him a net worth of $4.5million – not bad!

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