Over two years on, what are the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one up to now?

So many of them are in relationships now!

In some ways it feels like forever since we’ve been watching hot singles get thrown into Too Hot To Handle. But, it’s actually been just over two years. Season one of Too Hot To Handle aired in 2020, and now some of the cast members are basically celebs.

Loads have gone down the classic influencer root, some of launched their own businesses, dated celebs, and others have retired back into a more private life.

Here’s what all the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one have been up to since, and where they all are now.

Harry Jowsey

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, Harry Jowsey

via Instagram @harryjowsey

I think everyone was pretty shook when Francesca and Harry from season one confirmed they were still together. They had a really on and off relationship during the show, and this continued in the real world too. They broke up shortly after filming ended, but then got back together, then broke up for good.

Harry Jowsey is now the richest cast member to come from not just season one, but any season of Too Hot To Handle, worth a huge $4.5million. He’s now a YouTuber, podcast host and big online personality. He has 4.8million followers on TikTok, 4.2million Instagram followers and a hugely successful podcast, Dating Harry Jowsey.

He most recently dated Too Hot To Handle season three star, Georgia Hassarati, but has since said in an interview he wants to stay single until he’s 28. He’s 25 right now, btw. “Yeah, officially staying single. I’m just, I’m not having much luck,” he told E! Online. “And I started therapy after this last breakup. I think that I just need to focus on myself a little bit because this last breakups have possibly been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago

via Instagram @jessesulli

Francesca has gone on to be hugely successful since appearing in season one of the show. She’s started her own ethical and sustainable swimwear brand, Farago The Label, and also earns an estimated £11k per post on her Instagram. She’s 29 now, and has over 5.7million Instagram followers.

She’s dated a few people since being on the show, including Demi Sims from TOWIE, and of course Harry on and off a bit, but is now dating TikToker, Jesse Sullivan. They’ve been together for over a year, after meeting at a TikTok Pride Trailblazers live event.

Francesca featured on TOWIE when she was dating Demi, and is also now big on TikTok, YouTube and OnlyFans. She made a brief appearance in the reunion of Love Is Blind season one, when it was rumoured she was dating Damian and showed up to the reunion party as his date.

Chloe Veitch

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, Chloe Veitch

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Chloe is now a huge TV name since Too Hot To Handle season one. She’s been on The Circle, Celebrity Hunted, Celebrity Ghost Trip, and she hosted the Too Hot To Handle reunion.

She has her own podcast now, called Bangin, and is a partner with fashion brand Fashion Nova. Guests on her podcast have included Tyler from Love Island, and her Too Hot To Handle co-stars, Nicole O’Brien and Harry Jowsey. Chloe and Nicole are still besties!

Rhonda Paul

Rhonda Paul

via Instagram @imrhondapaul

Rhonda and Sharron were the most solid couple throughout Too Hot To Handle season one, but unfortunately, it all fizzled out after the show. Their split was amicable, but they went their separate ways, mainly due to distance.

Rhonda owns a jewellery brand called Pure Luxx and has worked with brands such as Fashion Nova since the show. She spends a lot of time with her children, with her Instagram bio saying she’s a “mommy first, entrepreneur next”. Since the show, it looks as though she’s spent most of her time focusing on her family, business, and doing a lot of travelling.

Sharron Townsend

Since leaving the show, Sharron has continued working as a model and starred in Fetty Wap’s music video for Fresh ‘N’ Clean. In 2022, his modelling career literally hit new heights, when Sharron appeared on a billboard in Times Square.

He’s also the creator of the “Today I Smiled Project” – which Sharron focuses heavily on now. According to Instagram, the project was created “to spread love and positivity using random acts of kindness, words of affirmation and the belief that together we can change the world.” Posting when he launched the project, Sharron said he had started a scholarship at a school.

Haley Cureton

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, Haley Cureton

via Instagram @haley.cure

Florida-based student Haley was the absolutely chaos cast member during season one of Too Hot To Handle. She was eliminated from the show, and then went on to focus on her studies and a career in social media. She’s now 24, a Twitch gamer and an ambassador for Fashion Nova.

She posted just over a year ago saying she graduated from university in Florida, and she now splits her time between Florida and LA.

Kelz Dyke

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, Kelz

via Instagram @kelechidyke

Kelz became known as the accountant of season one, constantly checking up on if his fellow contestants had been breaking Lana’s rules. Since then, he unfortunately hasn’t taken up a role in finance, but he has gone back to his passion of sport, fitness and American football.

He competed last year in MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, but left after the second episode. He’s back living in London, and is friends with loads of Love Island stars, including being pictured at an event with Amber Gill, and doing spon-con for McDonald’s with Dami from the 2022 series and Toby from 2021. Casual.

Nicole O’Brien

Nicole O'Brien

via Instagram @nicole.ob

Nicole didn’t find love on Too Hot To Handle, but she did go on to date co-star Bryce for a bit after the show. They shortly split. Since then, Nicole has been living in London and focusing on her music career. She’s released a few singles and has also done some influencing work. Recently she posted to say an ad for her latest single was on a billboard in Manchester.

Nicole spends a lot of time hanging out with other TV stars – like I said earlier she’s still besties with Chloe from her season of Too Hot To Handle, and she lives with Coco from Love Island 2022!

Bryce Hirschberg

Bryce Hirschberg

via Instagram @brycehirschberg

Rich boy and film producer Bryce didn’t have too much of an impact on the show, before dating Nicole and then seemingly going back to his yacht and party lifestyle. He now lives in LA, has released some music and is an ambassador for Fashion Nova men. His Instagram is still just dramatically blue-washed pictures of him on boats.

David Birtwistle

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, David Birtwistle

via Instagram @david.birtwistle

David Birtwistle has since gone on to star on a second reality TV dating show, The Love Trap. This saw him back on the look for love, but surprise surprise, he didn’t find it. Since the show, David has gone back to being a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He is also a Nike Training ambassador, and the founder of a performance coaching company, called Endeavour Life.

He’s currently dating a doctor and nutritionist called Hazel Wallace. They post loads of videos about health, lifestyle and wellbeing together. They met in a bar in Clapham, London, and then went to Bali together for six months.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

via Instagram @matthewstephensmith

Matthew didn’t find love on the show, and opted to leave after a few episodes. He’s now working as a model and is an ambassador for an energy drink. He’s dating a woman called Kristie and they share a YouTube channel, where they talk about their relationship and life together.

Lydia Clyma

What the cast of Too Hot To Handle season one on Netflix are up to now, Lydia Clyma

via Instagram @lydiaclyma

Lydia wasn’t in the OG cast of Too Hot To Handle season one, but that hasn’t stopped her having success now. She currently lives in London, and has worked as a a model. She briefly dated David after Too Hot To Handle, but that didn’t work out. Lydia also now works as a mental health crisis practitioner and is a trainee counsellor.

Kori Sampson

Kori Sampson

via Instagram @korisampson

Kori was a late arrival into the Too Hot To Handle season one villa, and didn’t really have much of an impact on the show. He’s done quite well off the back of it though, and now has over 800k Instagram followers, where promotes his business, the “Wake Up and Movement” programme, all about fitness and wellbeing.

He has also resumed his modelling career since Too Hot To Handle season one, and is now signed to FOMO Models. He’s dating a model called Emily Hughes.

Madison Wyborny

Madison was also a late entry onto the show, and after headed back to LA to carry on her career as a model. She’s still based in LA, and her Insta feed is all just photoshoot content.

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