Which couples from Too Hot To Handle are still together, and what happened to who broke up

Yes, there are a few cheating rumours in here 😬

There have now been three full seasons of Too Hot To Handle and we’re on to a fourth – and whilst the premise of the show is based around commitment phobes, some couples have left the show together.

In all three seasons of the show there have been a number of people who left seeming to have quit their old relationship ways, and having entered into a couple based on emotional connection. But, the big question is, have any of them gone the distance?

Here’s a rundown of which couples from all three previous seasons of Too Hot To Handle are still together, and what happened between any couples who left the show together, but have since broken up.

Beaux and Harry – Broken up

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In the biggest shock of Too Hot To Handle season three, our favs Beaux and Harry revealed straight after the show they weren’t still together. In the reunion they said they had spent some time together, and even have a planned trip to the Maldives with their prize fund after they won the series, but they are no longer an item.

Holly and Nathan – Broken up

Too Hot To Handle couples who are still together and those who broke up

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Holly and Nathan also left season three of Too Hot To Handle as a couple, but even on the show their journey was rocky. In the season three reunion Holly said she had been to London to see Nathan and met his family, but said they were “putting a pin in things”. Since then, it looks as though they never really took the pin out, and nothing has come of their relationship.

Emily and Cam – Still together

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Emily and Cam are our only hope this show might actually work. They met on season two of Too Hot To Handle, and are the only people out of all the couples who are actually still together. This year has been rocky for them, and the couple admitted to having to take time apart, but they are back going strong.

In April this year, it was reported Emily and Cam had split up. The pair never really addressed what had happened, and there were multiple reports saying Cam had cheated on Emily. Neither Cam nor Emily addressed these reports, apart from Emily posting a TikTok which said she was “single AF”.

Then, in a YouTube video, Cam and Emily addressed everything that went on. Cam said they “did have a break from each other for a while” because they “weren’t in a very good place.”

“Things did happen,” he said. “At the time we didn’t address it because it was really difficult to say the right thing. But also because our relationship is real – it’s not for PR – we didn’t want to address it.” Emily said: “Just to sum it up – we weren’t in a great place when things happened, but now, we’ve worked on us, we’ve worked through it, and we’re better than ever.”

Robert and Christina – Broken up

Too Hot To Handle couples who are still together and those who broke up

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I think everyone was surprised when Robert and Christina from season two announced they were together after the show. They left the villa in a relationship, but in September 2021 said they were no longer together, with Robert saying things between them had grown to be “challenging and uncomfortable”.

Melinda and Peter – Broken up

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After announcing she had split from Marvin who she was with in the villa, it came as a big shock that Melinda and Peter were an item after season two of the show. It was revealed in the reunion special Melinda and Marvin split shortly after the series, and then Melinda and Peter announced they were a couple.

Although, it looks as though they’ve broken up now, with Peter posting TikToks about “his girl” breaking up with him.

Chase and Tabitha – Broken up

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Chase first grew close to Carly in season two of Too Hot To Handle, and then Tabitha. Since the show, Chase and Tabitha have not remained together, dismissing it all as a holiday romance.

Carly and Joey – Broken up

Too Hot To Handle couples who are still together and those who broke up

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When Chase moved on to Tabitha, Carly then moved on to season two bombshell, Joey. But, Carly and Joey split in August 2021, when it was revealed Joey had been cheating on her. Carly has since started dating Bennett Sipes from Love Island USA.

Francesca and Harry – Broken up

I think everyone was pretty shook when Francesca and Harry from season one confirmed they were still together. They had a really on and off relationship during the show, and this continued in the real world too. They broke up shortly after filming ended, but then got back together.

They were still together in the reunion episode and managed to stay together for a while, before splitting in the summer. They’ve since hinted another time that they might be a thing again, but right now it looks like they’ve called it quits for good. Speaking of their up and down relationship, Francesca said in an interview: “We were getting back together. We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online.”

Rhonda and Sharron – Broken up

Too Hot To Handle couples who are still together and those who broke up

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Rhonda and Sharron were the most solid couple throughout Too Hot To Handle season one, but unfortunately, it all fizzled out after the show. During the reunion episode, Rhonda said: “The experience with me and Sharron is an amazing one, so no one will ever take that away from us.”

It looks as though their breakup was amicable, with Sharron adding in an interview: “Rhonda has been a blessing to have in my life, she’s been the strength to my weakness, the music to my soul and the yin to my yang. Unfortunately distance has been an issue, and although she’s miles away our connection will always be.”

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