Bombshell alert! Meet the Too Hot To Handle season four late arrivals who’re ready for chaos

One of them has 4.7million Instagram followers?!

Too Hot To Handle has just returned to Netflix, and within the first episode there are already rule breaks and dramas. Lana is back sticking hot people under a sex ban, and also within the first few episodes of Too Hot To Handle season four we get some late arrivals to stir the pot even more.

This season the cast members were told they were appearing on a show called Wild Love – before Lana turned up to spoil the party. They then didn’t really care and broke all the rules anyway, before two people dramatically turned up on the beach to change the dynamic in the villa further, and test any couples who were at least attempting to make emotional connections.

The bombshells are obviously hot and ready to cause a scene – so, who are they? Let’s get to know the two late arrivals who are introduced in the first section of Too Hot To Handle season four.


Age: 26

Too Hot To Handle season four late arrivals, Ethan

via Netflix

Ethan is 26 and from Somerset, UK. He currently works as a model. In Ethan’s Too Hot To Handle bio, he’s described as a “tattooed hunk” who has “never struggled with having all eyes on him.”

It says: “Expect the girls to flock to him – even those spoken for will have their heads turned. As long as Ethan lets his heart lead over his head, this mummy’s boy is in with a chance at finding someone special.”

Ethan from Too Hot To Handle on Instagram

via Instagram @smithethan

He currently has 16k followers on Instagram, and his bio describes him as “a bad boy by nature”. His account is literally all selfies and pictures of him on holiday in Ibiza. His handle is @smithethan.


Age: 25

Too Hot To Handle season four late arrivals, Flavia

via Netflix

Up next is Flavia, who is 25 and from Peru. She works as an influencer and, erm, has 4.7million Instagram followers?! I’m shook!

She posts loads of vibey outfit pictures and shots of herself on holiday. She also just won Latin Influencer of the Year at the People’s Choice Awards. To follow her on Insta, her handle is @flavialaos.

 Flavia from Too Hot To Handle on Instagram

via Instagram @flavialaos

Flavia’s Too Hot To Handle bio says: “If our boys were dreaming of a Peruvian princess, then Lana grants their wishes when Flavia appears! Flavia boasts over 4million followers on Instagram so is never short of attention! This senorita will not take kindly to Lana telling her what to do so the guys and gals will need to watch out!”

Episodes one to five of Too Hot To Handle season four are available on Netflix now, and episodes six to 10 will be released on December 14th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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