Too Hot To Handle season four cast

They’re here! Meet the ultra-sexy season four cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

Omg, there’s a racing driver so you already know they’re hot

The first few episodes of Too Hot To Handle dropped today and the season four cast are illegally sexy. I know it’s said every season but this season in particular is full of lookers.

The fourth season is now on Netflix and it’s iconic. We have contestants from all over the place including Brighton, Hawaii and Perth – one guy is even a racing driver so you already know he’s hot.

Meet the cast of Too Hot To Handle season four:


Kayla is representing LA this season, the 22-year-old model says she’s never short of attention and has no problem treading on toes to get what she wants. I’m obsessed already.


Brittan is a 22-year-old model born and raised in Hawaii. She reckons she has men all figured out and she can’t wait to strut into the retreat knowing she will get exactly what she wants. Apparently she’s a bit of a daddy’s girl too – iconic.


Sophie is a 22-year-old events manager from Brighton. She’s had one long-term relationship which put her off the whole commitment thing so Too Hot To Handle seems like the perfect show for her. Her description says her standards are “as high as the Shard” and she knows exactly what she wants.


Jawahir is another 22-year-old model and she’s from Amsterdam. She’s only ever had one relationship but thinks Lana is the person to convince her to open up to love.


Dominique is a 23-year-old computer science student from Colarado. Her Netflix description says she takes brains and beauty to a whole new level, “When she’s not reading tarot cards for friends and family, she’s manifesting her next love interest.”


With a name like Creed it won’t surprise you this guy is an Entrepreneur. He’s a 24-year-old Australian from Perth and says he’s used to dating and messaging several girls at once and getting away with it. I fear he won’t be as successful whilst living in Lana’s house.


James is a 23-year-old student and personal trainer from Hawaii. He’s apparently a “party boy, funny and irresistibly charming.” He is apparently massively into basketball and because of his “athletic talent and dangerously hot looks,” James is used to scoring both on and off the basketball court.


Nick is one of the oldest in this season’s cast. The 28-year-old artist from Michigan has travelled pretty much all over the world. He’s also dated a girl from every country he visits and has been in 10 (or more, he’s not sure) relationships.


Nigel is from New Jersey and he’s another 28-year-old. He is apparently a smooth talker which makes sense considering he’s a businessman. Nigel’s motto is “keep the fun rolling,” but let’s see how well this fairs with Lana.


24-year-old Seb is from Glasgow and he’s a racing driver so yes, he’s used to living life in the fast lane. Seb says he’s used to giving the boot the morning after the night before and thanks to his piercing blue eyes he gets away with it. His description describes him as a “yes man” who struggles to say no to anything in both life and the bedroom.

The fourth season of Too Hot To Handle is now avaliable on Netflix. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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