‘We weren’t in a great place’: Emily and Cam finally address rumours they split

‘People make mistakes’

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from season two of Too Hot To Handle have finally addressed the rumours they split up earlier this year. In a Q&A video posted to YouTube, the couple admitted they did spend time away from one another, but confirmed they are in a much better place now and are back together.

In April this year, it was reported Emily and Cam had split up. The pair never really addressed what had happened, and there were multiple reports saying Cam had cheated on Emily. They were said to have broken up after Emily found Cam “in bed with another woman” after she returned from a trip in Thailand. Neither Cam nor Emily addressed these reports, apart from Emily posting a TikTok which said she was “single AF”.

After this, the pair continued to comment on each other’s posts and Cam posted a huge soppy video for Emily’s birthday. It’s safe to say we were all confused. But now, in the YouTube video, they’ve finally put the rumours to rest.

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from Too Hot To Handle on Netflix address split rumours

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When asked the question “were the rumours true about you breaking up” Emily said it’s the “burning question” they keep getting asked as a pair. “I think it’s finally time we addressed it,” she said. “We are in such a good place now, we can.” Cam went on to say the couple “did have a break from each other for a while” because they “weren’t in a very good place.”

“Things did happen,” Cam said. “At the time we didn’t address it because it was really difficult to say the right thing. But also because our relationship is real – it’s not for PR – we didn’t want to address it.”

Emily added: “End of the day, we’re human. Things happen. People make mistakes. Yeah, we just kind of needed to figure things out on our own.” Cam went on to say that relationships in the public eye “might look great on Instagram” but says they bickered, fell out and argued a lot when they took time apart.

“Just to sum it up,” Emily concluded. “We weren’t in a great place when things happened, but now, we’ve worked on us, we’ve worked through it, and we’re better than ever.”

Talking about his relationship with Emily previously, amid all the split rumours, Cam admitted they had found it difficult adapting to life after the Netflix show. He said in an interview they felt a “lot of pressure” on their relationship, adding one of the hardest things is dealing with comments such as people saying “If you two break up I’ll never believe in love again.”

“We’re both trying to navigate through this new world that we’ve been given,” he said. “Being a public couple is challenging but I think if you can actually make it through it, it means you’ve actually stood the test, because not many people have, to be honest.”

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