A soppy video and cheating claims: All the drama that’s happened with Emily and Cam

It looked like they were at the same restaurant last night??


It’s been a busy few days for fans of Too Hot To Handle. Last week, it was reported that season two favs Emily Miller and Cam Holmes had split up, which honestly, broke hearts across the world. Those two were pretty much our only hope that love can be found on the Netflix show.

But, since then the plot truly has thickened. People are ~convinced~ they are still together and can’t break our hearts like this, and their social medias tell a completely different story. Go on Cam’s and it looks like they’re still a thing, but go on Emily’s and it’s definitely over. What is happening?! I need answers!! Here’s everything that’s gone down.

It was reported that Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from Too Hot To Handle had split up last week, following cheating allegations

Last week it was reported that our favourite Too Hot To Handle couple had split up. According to reports, they broke up after Emily found Cam cheating on her. Emily had been on a trip to Thailand and is said to have returned to find him in bed with another woman. After meeting on the show, moving in together and celebrating their one year anniversary, it looked to be all but confirmed it was over.

A source told the Daily Mail: “We are shocked by Cam’s actions. We really thought he wouldn’t cheat on Emily but their relationship has been up and down and super stressful from the pressure of the public and the show nature. We knew Cam was cheating on Emily but didn’t want to confront him as we are his friends and thought it was awkward. But if you are stupid enough to cheat on your girlfriend then you should own it and apologise. A lot of fans will be disappointed by Cam’s moves and we only hope he learns a lesson from this.”

Everything that has happened in reported split between Emily Miller and Cam Holmes from Too Hot To Handle

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But neither of them said anything, and they’ve kept pictures of each other on social media

After the reports came out, neither Cam nor Emily said anything about their apparent “split” and Cam posted a video promoting Malibu which featured Emily and mentioned the two of them needing an engagement ring. They were also still commenting on each other’s posts. Hmmm, okay?

Then, Cam posted a soppy video for Emily’s birthday so people thought the split was a lie

Then Cam seemed to prove even further that all the split reports were a lie, because he posted a super-soppy video for Emily’s birthday this weekend. Over a collage of photos and videos of them together, he said: “My ❤️ happy birthday x”.

It doesn’t look like Emily has commented on the video, but other Too Hot To Handle stars have including Harry from the latest season who said: “Brb crying”. Fans commented things such as “Please don’t ever think about breaking up….You’re End Game”, “Hope you will stay together 4 eva” and “Best couple ever”.

Emily posted a TikTok saying she’s single

Buuuuuut, Emily seems to have confirmed the split her end, posting a TikTok calling herself “single af”. She posted the video using the new rotoscope filter, saying “me realising I’m single af” before it flips to her dancing and the caption saying “me realising it’s gnna be a hot girl summer”. Harry Jowsey from season one of the show commented “Omg 😳😳😳” and others literally can’t believe it’s true.

Now some random guy on TikTok is claiming he’s the reason Emily and Cam split up

Take this one with a pinch of salt, but there’s some random guy who has posted a video saying he’s the “reason Emily and Cam split up”. He’s posted what he’s saying are screenshots of him talking to Cam about Emily “coming onto him” and Cam saying he “appreciates” him sharing the “truth”. The video has already got over a million views, so realistically could just be for clout.

But people still think they are together!

Despite Emily’s video and all the rumours, people still think her and Cam are together. There are comments on the video saying it “can’t be true” because they still follow each other and have kept their old posts together up. People are convinced that if Cam had cheated on Emily – or the other way around – and they had split, they would have deleted all evidence of each other from Instagram and posted to explain what had happened.

Last night Emily and Cam both shared pictures of identical food at the same restaurant in Mayfair within hours of each other. But neither tagged the other one in their story post.

What is going on??

So, maybe they are still a thing and her video was a joke? Or maybe they have broken up and his birthday video was some sort of gruelling apology and an attempt to win her back? It looks like, right now, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Tab has contacted representatives for both Cam and Emily for comment, but still no answers!!!! 

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