‘I don’t know how to defend myself’: Nick replies to claims he’s ‘taking down’ Danielle

The Love Is Blind couple announced their divorce this summer, and Danielle had claimed he was ‘silencing’ her

Love Is Blind star Nick Thompson has replied to claims he is “silencing” and trying to “take down” his ex-wife, Danielle Ruhl. The couple, who got married in season two of the Netflix show, announced they were getting divorced over summer, and have since had a number of public interviews speaking out about one another.

Yesterday, it was reported Danielle has said Nick is “silencing” her and “taking extreme measures to take me down”. Danielle said Nick is trying to “take her down” and “control the narrative” because he wants to go on another reality TV show. She accused him of making false statements in interviews, and said he is trying to “get attention” in the media.

In a statement to The Tab, Nick has said he doesn’t know how to defend himself against such claims, and is trying to avoid negativity to protect his well-being. “I don’t know how to defend myself against baseless untrue statements,” he said. “I am not interested in a back-and-forth, he said she said. I am trying to navigate this divorce and protect my well-being while focusing on my podcast, career, friends, and family. I am ready to put this behind me. I’m always sending love and support to Danielle and the rest of the cast.”

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Danielle had posted on Instagram and said: “Nick is taking extreme measures to take me down, silence me, and control the narrative. He had intended to go on another reality show and blames me for potentially being unable to. I have been warned by his team that this could get messy and certain things of mine will be at stake or taken if I block him on social media.”

She continued: “He is proactively going to outlets to make false statements. But on top of that, there have been tactics that Nick is taking to control the narrative, outside of just money, and emailed me blaming me for potentially ruining his chances of going on another show. I didn’t know he was applying and contacted people to ensure it didn’t ruin his chances.”

“He can continue to try and silence me, or continue to punish me for doing what was in my best interest,” she added. “But I hope people realise he was enjoying the negative commentary and is trying to continue to make it the story line.” She has since deleted the post.

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