So, most of the Love Is Blind season three cast were scouted and didn’t straight up apply

Lots of the cast members have said they were approached for the show on Instagram

Love Is Blind is meant to be a dating experiment show all about people who want to throw themselves into finding deep and meaningful connections and get married sight unseen – so it might be a bit surprising that most of the cast in season three didn’t apply for the show, and were actually scouted to be on it.

A number of cast members have spoken about being messaged on Instagram by someone who asked them to apply to be on the show – proving for most of the cast members, marriage without seeing your partner first wasn’t actually completely something they went about doing off their own backs. And we wonder why the show is feeling less and less real as the seasons go on.

The cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

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Who from the cast of Love Is Blind season three has said they were scouted?

Yeah, it’s looking as though most of the cast didn’t exactly come looking for the chance to get married without seeing their future partner, but instead were prompted by a member of the Love Is Blind casting team before applying.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Zanab, Raven, and SK confirmed they were all approached by someone on Instagram who reached out to them to ask them to apply for the show.

SK said he ignored the Instagram DM requesting him to apply for a “couple of weeks”. He said: “I didn’t look at it, I thought it was a scam. The day I responded was the very last day of casting.” Raven was also one of the very last people to be cast for season three, and the time between sending off her application and getting on a flight for filming was just six weeks. Zanab also said she didn’t believe when she was reached out to either, and thought it “was a scam”.

Speaking to his University paper, SK added: “Someone reached out after they saw my Instagram account. I initially thought it was a scam and didn’t respond for several weeks. One day, I responded. From Instagram we did FaceTime auditions and interviews during COVID. They’re looking for responsible, emotionally stable people in their 20s to mid-30s. They look at your interests, your career, your lifestyle, and whether you are an eligible bachelor.”

Since the show aired, Colleen Reed also posted on her Instagram story to say she was approached by someone who asked her to apply for the show.

The application process for the show is extremely vigorous. It includes a lengthy questionnaire, followed by a Zoom call with producers and a video test. The casting questionnaire includes questions about what potential daters look like, and asks for selfies and lots of information about dating history.

Whilst it’s not clear if he was approached beforehand, Bartise has posted a TikTok showing the moment he found out he had been “selected” to take part in the show, so it looks as though he applied in some form.


In honor of love is blind coming out tomorrow, here is me finding out I was selected to participate! #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind #netflix #fyp

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He posted the video showing him getting a call whilst at the gym, before getting a “fresh fade” and heading to the airport.

The Tab has approached Netflix and Kinetic Content for further comment. 

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