A look inside the intense casting questionnaire and application process for Love Is Blind

You’re asked to send in videos and selfies, but NOT wearing sunglasses or hats ❌


Love Is Blind is back, and whilst a lot of people argued after the last season that the show is cruel and well and truly over, Netflix is currently looking for more people to take part in more episodes. So, what does the Love Is Blind casting questionnaire and application process look like for wannabe pod daters?

Someone at Buzzfeed took a look inside the Love Is Blind casting questionnaire, which is public now the show is looking for applications, and yes, it’s a lot. Here’s a full rundown of what you get asked when you apply.

The questionnaire starts quite basic

First up when you go on the website with interest to apply, you’re asked for a pretty basic age verification to get into the site, where you enter your birthday just to check you are eligible to take part.

The questionnaire altogether is 76 questions long. Yep, that much. It begins quite standard, asking for your name, age, date of birth and where you’re from. You’re also asked for things like your gender, ethnicity and phone number.

It’s ‘Love Is Blind’, but you’re asked about what you look like

Then, considering the show is called Love Is Blind, you’re asked a number of questions about what you look like. Hair colour and eye colour are part of the form.

Love Is Blind casting questionnaire and application process

You are then asked about your job and education

There are then three questions about your “highest level of education completed”, a list of all the colleges you have attended and the degrees earned, and what your occupation is.

Of course, applicants are asked to give their social handles

Naturally, the casting team is going to want to have a sneak peek at your socials before getting you on the show, so applicants are asked to share their Facebooks, Instagrams, TikToks and Twitters. The questionnaire also asks if you have a Skype link, but that might just be for later on in the process.

Then it’s time for a video and selfies!

It’s time to sell yourself now! “UPLOAD A 15 SECOND VIDEO AND TELL US WHY YOU’RE READY TO FIND LOVE IN THE PODS!” The questionnaire asks. Then it says: “Please upload your best face photo (no sunglasses or hats)”. There’s no hiding here!

Love Is Blind casting questionnaire and application process

Applicants are also asked to provide a “complete body shot” but are requested to avoid selfies where the camera is in the shot.

It then moves on to some relationship-based questions

There are then a few questions about your past relationships, such as if you’ve ever been married before or have any children. It also asks you if you would like to have children in the future.

Applicants are also asked what the length of their last relationship was, if they have any fun hobbies, and what their shortest and longest relationships were. One question reads: “Please take a moment to briefly describe your dating history. What is the longest relationship you have been in and how long have you been single?”

You’re also asked a lot about your current dating life, and why you think you’re single, as well as what you do to find dates and why you think you’re a catch. “What are your thoughts on the dating scene in your city? What are your thoughts on dating apps?,” is one question.

Love Is Blind casting questionnaire and application process

The questionnaire then moves on to asking you about the other person in the relationship. It asks things like what you look for in a partner, as well as some deal breakers for you. It also asks if you consider religion or cultural differences a “deal breaker”.

Again, the questionnaire asks what you are attracted to physically (what is the point in this show then?) and also asks if you smoke or drink alcohol. If you say you don’t drink, you are asked to specify why.

The next questions asks you to describe what you think friends and family would say you’re like in a relationship, and then you’re asked what “excites” you about possibly finding the love of your life. “Tell us something we wouldn’t know just by looking at you….” is the next question.

The questionnaire then moves on to your life experiences and what you might speak about in the pods

Obviously, the Love Is Blind casting team wants to know what you might bring up in the pods, so the questionnaire has a little deep dive into what you might have to say. It asks you about something you’re proud of and would want to share in the pods, and also asks if there is anything you’d be hesitant to share in a pod date. It asks about any difficulty you’ve had to overcome, and what you feel has emotionally been missing in your previous relationships.

Then you’re asked why Love Is Blind

Naturally, they want to know why you want to be on Love Is Blind and why now – so you get asked stuff like why you’re interested in the show, what the experiment means and if you’re ready for marriage. It also asks if you’ve ever been on a television show before.

The questionnaire ends with some further questions about you, before some boring have-to-asks

Love Is Blind casting questionnaire and application process

You’re nearly done! Then you’re asked what your living situation is and what you consider your sexuality to be. Then it moves on to some boring questions you clearly just need to be asked, such as if you’ve received the vaccination, how you heard about casting, and a confirmation you’ve told the truth throughout. You then read and confirm some Ts&Cs and you’re all done!

You can apply to be on Love Is Blind, and fill out the casting questionnaire, here.

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