RIP Love Is Blind: The show is nothing but cruel, and it’s time to call it a day

Do we really want to watch a show where the reunion is just everyone being reduced to tears?


It’s about time someone said it, Love Is Blind is well and truly over. This season has been nothing short of painful, and I think it’s time we said no, and left this show at its tragic altar.

Way back, when the creator of the show said they wanted a season at pretty much every state in the US, I was beyond excited. The thought of our favourite chaos reality show running for years and years sounded perfect, but like, do we actually still want that? This season the format has seemed exhausted, and it’s got to the point where some of the people in the show make it uncomfortable to watch.

The reunion episode of season three has well and truly solidified that enough is enough. Netflix, let this one go. Here’s a pretty dark summary of how Love Is Blind has come to its demise.

We’re just never going to get a couple like Lauren and Cameron again

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Let’s address the real issue first: Love Is Blind was made for Lauren and Cameron, and nobody else. Yes, I am aware Barnett and Amber are still together, but the Hamiltons are the blueprint of the entire series, and we are never getting a true love story like theirs, ever again.

I think I cried when they said their “I dos” at their wedding, and I didn’t even doubt them when they said “I love you” in episode one. They are everything, and since then, nobody has ever come close.

Last season, every marriage ended in divorce

Love Is Blind on Netflix

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Looking back at season two, it’s all just a bit depressing. Shake treated Deepti like shit, Shayne and Natalie were always fighting and have clearly been dealing with more personal issues between themselves since the show. And that’s without mentioning that both marriages we saw in that season have ended in divorce.

Jarrette and Iyanna announced their divorce and didn’t really say much else. But, Iyanna tweeted about how upset she’s been, and spoke of crying all the time. She also called out people who “reduced her experience to drama and clout”. Plus, I’m sure everyone has seen the saga between Danielle and Nick. They too announced their divorce, and have since had a public back and forth slating each other, and accusing each other of various things during their messy split.

When the news about his divorce hit the media, Nick told The Tab he is “ready to put this behind me”, so yeah, even the cast members themselves are done with it all.

The men have well and truly ruined the show, to the extent it’s uncomfortable to watch

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This season in particular, the men have been awful. During season two of Love Is Blind, Shake was slated for saying he wanted a woman he could put on his shoulders at a festival, asking his dates about their weight, and he was accused of making comments about Deepti’s appearance. Yet somehow – the guys this time around have topped it.

Let’s have a quick run-through. Bartise. Well. He seems to not know what show he signed up for, because he’s constantly spoken about looks, and tore Nancy’s self-confidence down by making sure absolutely everyone was aware he thought Raven was really attractive. Oh, and let’s not forget the abortion chat! Yep, Bartise, a man, thinks he can decide what women can and can’t do with their bodies when they fall pregnant. But, cheers for the “one free pass” to abortion Bartise, that was really great from you.

Now, onto Matt. Our aggressive Matt. He screamed in the face of Colleen, when he heard an out-of-context section of a conversation she had with Cole. Colleen was stood in front of him, in tears, and he continued to shout at her. And then he phoned Bartise, clearly the relationship expert, and shouted about Colleen going out?! Matt petrifies me, there’s no other way of putting it.

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And that brings me onto Cole. Your classic frat boy. In the pods he was calling the girls “babes” and, despite being engaged to Zanab, has complimented Colleen more times than I’ve bothered to count. He’s also been called out for saying he didn’t expect Zanab to “look like his ex girlfriends called Lilly”. We know what he’s hinting at there.

You know what, I don’t want to sit and watch women cry as they get mistreated by awful men. I saw a tweet from this season that said “Love Is Blind is actually a show about beautiful women and the men who don’t deserve them” and I actually haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since. It’s so true! Get them off my screen!

Stop pretending it’s a ‘dating experiment’ – it’s just a reality show where you put people in positions and watch them crumble

Love Is Blind markets itself as a “dating experiment” show. But, we all know that’s just because it puts people in abnormal situations, and we sit at home and watch them crumble, for our own enjoyment. It’s like a circus at points. Let’s just call a spade a spade, this is a reality TV show and everyone is here for drama and chaos.

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The cast are beginning to get way too self aware

There is nothing worse than a dating show where all the cast know they are on a dating show. Like, obviously they know they’ve signed up for a TV show, but I want them to sign up for the format. Give me people who respect the idea, and aren’t actually just playing up for cameras and are too self-aware to even give the slightest impression that it might be authentic.

Andrew putting his eye drops in was very funny, but when you break it down, he was literally asking the producers if the cameras were on and if something was going to make it into the final cut. That just shouldn’t be happening.

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The format has run its course

I was honestly this show’s biggest fan in season one, but the concept just really isn’t novel anymore. I gasped out loud when Gigi ran out the venue and fell down a mud slide, and when Kelly said no to Kenny?! Jaw-dropping. But now, the worst that can happen is someone kicks off and says no at the altar, and sorry, but I’ve seen it all before. There is zero shock factor left.

The season three reunion showed what Love Is Blind truly is now: Cruel, manipulative and sad

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Right, I’m not asking for anyone’s opinions here, because I think everyone has heard enough ripping into Cole and Zanab for how the show has made them feel. But, is the picture above something we really want to see? Someone being reduced to tears? Nancy cried in the reunion, Cole cried, Zanab cried, Colleen cried. Is this what we’re here for?

The reunion proved that this show isn’t this quirky “experiment” we’re all watching for fun. It’s cruel, manipulative and edits people to fit a narrative. So many people this season have said they struggled with the journey, and no matter what you think of them or their behaviour, that’s on the show and the situations they’ve all been put in.

Yes, I know the cast members signed up for the show, but that shouldn’t make it ok for them to be reduced to this. And for Love Is Blind to put it out like some spectacle for us all to sit and enjoy? That’s uncomfortable. Cole straight up said he regrets going on the show – no matter what you think of him, that’s a sad confession to have to make.

The show has had it’s time, I think next season we give it a miss.

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