A relationship expert predicts which Love Is Blind season three couples will actually last

I’m nervous!

Following the finale of Love Is Blind season three and the reunion episode, we’ve now seen which couples are still together and who has gone there separate ways. It’s been a long time getting to this stage, and at points it looked as though no couples were going to make it through the experiment.

Two couples, Alexa and Brennon and Matt and Colleen, said “I do” at the altar and got married, and they both confirmed they are still together during the reunion show. Plus, SK and Raven, who didn’t get married, announced they are giving things a go again and are currently dating. But, what do their futures look like?

Following the finale and the reunion, Heart Bingo teamed up with relationship expert and co-founder of dating site So Syncd, Louella Alderson, to ask her which Love is Blind season three couples she thinks will last or not. Here’s what she had to say.

Alexa & Brennon – Will last

The couples from Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

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Louella thinks Alexa and Brennon have what it takes to go all the way. She said as a couple they have been “confident in themselves and their relationship from the start and they have the potential to last”. She said they are the couple who have “been strong since the beginning.”

“Their initial meeting was the most genuine out of all the couples,” Louella said. “Alexa and Brennon have serious conversations and they also know how to have fun together. They joke and laugh which is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. But they are also clear and direct in the way they communicate, which is also essential. Brennon has shown commitment to Alexa and their relationship by agreeing to convert to Judaism. Relationships aren’t necessarily about sacrifices, but compromise is important.”

Louella also said that they are having “normal” couple struggles, and are currently “in a great place”. She said: “In the reunion, Brennon and Alexa admitted to finding it a little tricky when they first moved in together. This is normal for every couple, especially for couples that haven’t been dating for very long. You don’t really know someone until you live with them, and it can take time to adjust. Brennon and Alexa clearly worked through it like adults, and they seem to be in a great place.”

Colleen & Matt – Won’t last

The couples from Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

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Uh oh! Louella thinks Colleen and Matt won’t last in the real world. She said them being one of the couples who said yes at the altar was “one of the most shocking outcomes of Love Is Blind season three” – which it definitely was.

“This relationship has seemed a bit off since the start and there have been a couple of red flags,” Louella said. “Colleen said early in the pods to Cole that she didn’t want to get deep or emotional with anyone in a relationship or talk about serious things. It’s ok not to want to do this all the time.

“However, being vulnerable is essential for building connection and intimacy. Life is full of ups and downs, and you need to be able to speak to your partner about things. Being positive and happy all the time just isn’t realistic.”

She said it’s clear Matt “has trust issues” and has “clearly been hurt during his previous engagement” and “it doesn’t feel like he is ready for marriage.” Louella said Matt’s main issue is jealousy, which he showed when Colleen went out with the girls and when Cole fancied her. “Matt was also quick to pack his bag at the first sign of conflict,” she said. “It felt like he had some healing to do before jumping into marriage.”

SK & Raven – Will last

The couples from Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

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My heart is so full right now, because according to relationship expert Louella, SK and Raven are going to last! She said there’s a deep connection there, and even rejection at the altar can’t stop that.

“The couple who shocked everyone! These two were the biggest surprise when it came to the ‘I dos’ (or ‘I don’ts’!) at the altar,” Louella said. “The fact everyone was so sure about Raven and SK getting married was a sign there was a genuine bond from the start. Those kinds of feelings don’t go away overnight and the fact these two are still dating has got to mean that there’s a deep connection there.

“Raven said herself that she doesn’t open up easily, so for her to feel this way about someone means she’s willing to put in the work. Making a long-distance relationship work requires hard work and commitment, so it’s a promising sign that they’re still together.

“Something about these two just works, and it was clear from when Bartise tried to hit on Raven at the pool party, that she only had eyes for SK from the very beginning. Only time will tell if their relationship will continue to develop, as long-distance relationships require patience and commitment. But as far as we can tell, these two have a connection so strong that not even being rejected at the wedding altar can deter them from being together!”


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