All the savage things past Love Is Blind cast members have said about the show this season

One accused the women of ‘allying themselves strategically to protect their own interests’

This season of Love Is Blind has really got people sharing their opinions. Given the nature of the experiment, it’s bound to divide people, but this season in particular there have been some pretty devisive moments and conversations that people have been strongly reacting to. Among those chatting about everything are past Love Is Blind cast members, who should be the ones who know exactly how the season three people are feeling.

Some former cast members have accused the show of being edited, and extended their feelings towards how bad this can be for the current cast members, whilst others have outright called the newest people on the show out for their behaviour. Here’s a rundown of all the things past cast members have been saying about Love Is Blind season three.

Natalie Lee and Iyanna McNeely

Natalie Lee from season two has been watching the show, quite often alongside co-star Iyanna, and sharing opinions on TikTok. Firstly she watched the scene with Andrew putting his eyedrops in, and branded it the “cringiest” scene ever, and couldn’t get over that he “pretended to cry”. “I feel bad because I know the power of editing but dang this is too much,” she added in the comments.

She also rinsed the men on this season with Iyanna, lip-syncing the audio that says “I don’t know what’s going on and I simply don’t want to know.” Yikes.

Iyanna and Natalie also shared a video reacting to episodes five to seven of Love Is Blind season three, saying that as a past cast member she won’t comment on people personally, but she did think some of the conversations were “archaic”.

She said conversations couples had about how a man should provide for his wife don’t reflect how a “modern woman should be able to provide for herself”. She said that money in a marriage should be of “equal responsibility”, in her opinion.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton

Lauren from season one has been extremely vocal about the show, and its cast, this season. She called out the cast for not liking each other as much as they make out they do, and also called out Netflix for “cutting” Black women from the show.

In one tweet, Lauren said: “I don’t like how LIB be cutting all the black women. How come they are always in the trailer but not the show… 👀”.

She went on to say the cast this year was “slim pickings” and said if Netflix is going to “force” entertainment upon us, it could at least choose better people. She suggested couples this year are only staying in the process because they want to be on the show, not because they actually want a relationship with their partner.

“I know it’s slim pickings but about 85 per cent of them couples be forced (just moving forward for entertainment purposes) anyway,” she said. “Y’all could at least force some more sisters to move forward throughout the show.” When a follower then asked her more about how the show chooses what makes it into the final cut and what doesn’t, Lauren said Netflix chooses what it believes is most entertaining, which often means a lot of cast members are hardly shown.

“It’s couples that get engaged that aren’t even shown sometimes,” Lauren said. “I think they only show what they deem most entertaining.” When someone else asked what happens to cast members who don’t continue in the show, Lauren said: “Yea lol send em home and stop filming them.”

After these comments, Love Is Blind host Nick Lachey had his say, and pretty much concluded the show only takes forward cast members who have connections. Lauren clearly thought this was a half-hearted comment, and tweeted: ““tHeY oNlY fEaTuRe pEoPlE wHo mAke cOnNeCtIoNssss!” 

She also used Shaina as an example of why the “people making connections” argument isn’t exactly true. Shaina broke off her engagement during the retreat in season two, but was then invited back for additional episodes, and the reunion and After the Altar episodes.

Shake Chatterjee

After the reunion episode, of course we could trust Mr Opinion himself, Shake Chatterjee, to post everything he has to say about this year’s cast. And no, if you’re of the illusion he might have held back, he didn’t.

past cast members of Love Is Blind react to season three on Netflix

via Instagram

He started by posting a picture of all the women taken from the reunion, and said: “This picture is an example of how individuals back each other up despite not knowing the whole truth, or worse – ally themselves strategically to protect their own interests at the expense of someone else.”

He said he experienced this during his season and he feels for Cole and how he was treated. “I hope he gets the vindication I never got,” Shake added. He then went on to say Cole deserves an apology from everyone in the cast, as well as “useless” hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

Then he got really really, and unnecessarily harsh. He turned on Zanab, saying she “tried to pull a Deepti but ended up looking like Amber Heard” with a hashtag for justice for Cole. And then he went for Brennon, who has been nothing but pure from start to finish.

“Then there’s this guy who is a ‘yes sir no sir’ quiet little mouse all season but then all of a sudden becomes and douche and ready to throw people under the bus at the reunion,” Shake said. I won’t take this! Brennon was just sticking up for people who deserved it!

Shake also went in further on the show’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey. He called them “bad hosts” and said “they should be ashamed”. He added: “They have practically no actual involvement with the cast. Because of that they really have no real knowledge about the couples beyond what they are shown in the final edit.”

Kelly Chase

Kelly from season one has been giving a lot of live commentary about the season three episodes across Instagram and TikTok. On her Instagram she’s been recording clips from a lot of the episodes and uploading them to her story with her thoughts. From the outset she’s loved Alexa and Brennon, but the main time she’s shared a devisive opinion was when it came to the wedding of Zanab and Cole.

past cast members of Love Is Blind react to season three on Netflix

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Kelly said that she was “proud” of Zanab for standing up for herself, but added: “I don’t believe that was the best way to express her thoughts.” Kelly also shared that she thinks the altar speech Zanab made may have been influenced by the producers, and said: “I have a feeling producers encouraged her to say what she said at the altar, so I’m not blaming her at all. While I also hate that happened to Cole.”

On TikTok she did a video predicting which couples from the engagements episodes would actually go on and get married, and she got it spot on?! I thought the weddings were full of shockers, but she nailed it!

Then, when watching the weddings, she literally sat in her wedding dress from the show (a little bit iconic), but savagely said she is glad Bartise said no to Nancy. “I do believe Bartise was learning to love Nancy, but he wasn’t ready for marriage,” she said. “Sometimes love looks like letting go.”


Nancy & Bartisse response to their wedding outcome. Follow my IG @chaselifewithkelly for live commentary. #fyp #foryou #loveisblind #netflix #realitytv #realtalk

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