Bartise says he felt ‘ashamed’ watching the ‘mess’ he made in Love Is Blind season three

He has said he needs to ‘learn and grow’ from the experience

Season three of Love Is Blind has been a ride, and one of the people who has been spoken about the most is Bartise Bowden. Mainly because he’s shared a lot of opinions, and has not exactly been the best at respecting the process and what it’s all about.

But, it seems as though Bartise has seen everyone talking about him on the show – and he’s said he feels “ashamed” about how he behaved at points. During this season, we’ve seen Bartise date and propose to Nancy. He’s then constantly told her he doesn’t have a physical connection with her, commented on how attractive other women are and then had a full argument with her over abortion, which ended in him saying women should have “one free pass” to an abortion.

In an interview, he’s clearly seen this and realised it isn’t it. “I love my journey with Nancy because, especially watching it back and watching myself, kind of feeling embarrassed to have watched myself say some of the stuff that I said and ashamed of myself,” he told People Magazine. “I like that journey because I’m able to learn from it and grow from it.”

Bartise and Nancy in Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

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When asked if had any regrets, he said no. He also said he didn’t realise how hurtful his comments about Nancy’s appearance could be. “I learned that I need to be more sensitive to my partner’s emotions and not speak my mind to the fullest at all times, which I put my foot in my mouth,” he added. He then gestured to his fellow Love Is Blind cast member, Cole Barnett, and said: “Just as much as this guy does.”

Speaking on TikTok, Bartise added that he thinks he made a “mess” of his appearance on Love Is Blind season three. When someone posted that they’d just finished the second section of episodes, Bartise said: “Kudos to you for making it that far. I don’t know why you just didn’t fast forward my parts, or cut that shit off. Cause, what a mess I made.”


Replying to @giamyne don’t even need to watch on Netflix cause all my dumbass scenes are all over tik tok 😅

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At least he can see that much.

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