Whilst we wait on that cliffhanger, here are 33 memes about the latest drop of Love Is Blind

I’m team Raven now, end of

It’s that time again, Netflix has given us more episodes of Love Is Blind season three, and the internet has exploded. We’ve still got some more weddings, and now a reunion show too, to look forward to – but the drama in the latest drop of episodes has been ~intense~.

We’re all shook by the heartbreak we had with Raven, and now we’ve become strictly on her team forever. Plus, the boys have been annoying us even more, and I simply will not know peace until I see the outcome of the Nancy and Bartise wedding cliffhanger. Netflix, please!

Here are a bunch more memes about the latest episodes of Love Is Blind season three. Enjoy!

1. I get it now, I really do

2. Lord, please

3. Well, how the tables have turned


5. Petition to rename this season!!

The best memes and reactions to the latest episodes of Love Is Blind season three

6. Loooooool pls

7. Hahahahaha accurate

8. I love her end of!

9. Savage but… true

10. I’ve had enough!!!

11. Give him HELL

12. Preach!

Memes and reactions to Love Is Blind season three


14. Nice try lol x

15. :///


17. Pretty much

18. Team Raven!

19. Yes, we’re all shook

20. What even was this?

21. Feels

22. I’m coming for you ok

23. All hail!

24. Nope, I can’t quite seem to work it out

25. I CANNOT believe he said this

26. Real life TEARS


28. Adore


30. Exactly this

31. In short, yeah

32. How did he even do that?!

33. It’s over, soz

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