All hail queen Raven: The Love Is Blind jumping jack goddess we all adore

At first I couldn’t believe she did a workout in the pod with Bartise but now I get it, I really get it

Raven is the undisputed queen of Love Is Blind season three. I won’t be accepting otherwise. She’s come full-circle and gone from someone we weren’t sure of on the show, to one of the best people to appear on it. She’s dealt with so much during her journey, and has always maintained a level-head.

Obviously we all know by now what happened at her wedding with SK, but whilst getting there we’ve really seen lots of sides to Raven. She’s given us drama, laughs, heartbreak and the kind of person I simply need to be mates with. Here are all the reasons we truly don’t deserve Raven Ross, and why she will own my heart forever. A queen.

I truly understand why Raven was doing a workout in the Love Is Blind pods with Bartise

Let’s be honest, from the start we haven’t quite been sold on Raven. The first notable thing she did was a load of jumping jacks and a full workout routine in the pods with Bartise, when he was detailing some of his biggest traumas. But, knowing what we know about Bartise today, I think Raven was simply ahead of her time. I get it. I really do.

She is now the one person who has really tried and respected the process, and shown growth as a person. She’s mature, independent, and I do believe she went through this process to find love.

She’s here for all the girls, and is one of the only people holding the boys accountable for their bullshit

Right, we’ve all seen how shitty the men have been this season. But, for the most parts, this has been happening in private and the other couples haven’t been too aware of what really goes on with each other. However, in a scene before the bachelorette party, Zanab told the other girls that Cole had straight up asked her if she’s bipolar and then said his family didn’t want to meet her.

Raven in season three of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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Obviously, this was absolutely disgusting of him to say, and Zanab was upset Cole’s family had only seen her on Instagram. Who was straight there calling out his bullshit and making sure Zanab wasn’t going to let that slide? Our girl Raven was. Alexa said “I really don’t mean to be an asshole” and stood up for Zanab, but no filter, Raven said “I mean to be an asshole” and told her straight “something’s really wrong”. We love a friend who can tell you how it is.

Her facial expressions are everything

Raven has the best reactions to absolutely everything. Can’t believe what you’re hearing? Raven’s got a look for that. Trying to act interested when someone is talking? Yep, she’s got that one. Shocked and appalled by the mens’ behaviour? Nailed it. A stripper has his dick in your face? She even has a facial expression in the bank for that one, too.

Raven truly did try with SK

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I have nothing but respect for how much Raven really tried with SK, you can’t deny there was a deep connection there. I’ll hold my hands up and admit it, at first I didn’t think she was that much into him, but by the end you could truly tell she was.

She batted off Bartise’s advances at the retreat and was only focused on SK. She put in so much effort to learn his culture and try and make that as much of a part of their wedding day as SK wanted, and she embraced his family as though they were her own. SK constantly doubted Raven’s family, but what was she supposed to do about them wanting nothing to do with the wedding? Instead she put all her efforts into him, and was always honest and open with her feelings.

She held herself with such composure at her wedding with SK

Raven’s reaction to SK saying no to her at the wedding honestly broke my heart. You could see it everyone’s eyes that they weren’t expecting him to say no, and Raven was clearly heartbroken. But did she kick off and dramatically storm out? Not at all. She held herself with composure, addressed the room and said she was going to leave, kiss and hugged SK and off she went.

Raven in season three of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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She then went and had a cry in private and took a nap. Very much iconic, and I love that from her.

Raven and SK’s mum have become the Love Is Blind duo I didn’t know I needed until now

I really didn’t know I could feel such ways until I saw SK’s mum with Raven at the wedding. You could see it in SK’s mum’s eyes that she was just as shook as we all were when he said no. There was so much feeling and care when SK’s mum went to Raven’s room, told her that wasn’t what she had wanted out of the day, hugged her and told her she loved her. It was genuinely moving. No doubt, SK’s mum would have accepted Raven into the family with open arms.

I love them!

And can we just take a moment for Raven at the Love Is Blind season three reunion

Raven in season three of Love Is Blind on Netflix

via Netflix

A Love Is Blind season three reunion has been announced for later this week, and Raven looks amazing. That’s all.

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