What the cast of Love Is Blind season three actually do, according to their LinkedIns

Cole has been endorsed for ‘cold calling’???

By now, we feel as though we know the cast of Love Is Blind season three like childhood friends – it’s got to the point where stalking their professional LinkedIns is totally not weird. Like, at all. I’m going to keep telling myself that anyway.

We learn their jobs on the show, but that’s really it with their careers. So, naturally we need more. I’m talking what their actual job titles are, how long they’ve worked there, what their first jobs were, what skills they’ve been endorsed for and where they all went to university.

So, to find out all the answers, here’s a deep dive into the LinkedIns belonging to the season three cast members of Love Is Blind.

SK Alagbada

The LinkedIns belonging to the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

via LinkedIn

SK has a pretty premium looking LinkedIn page, to the extent where he has is set up so when you go on his profile you can click on a button and he speaks to you. Yep, the little sound button next to his name prompts him to say “welcome to my page” and he adds that “my name is Sikiru Alagbada, but you can call me SK”.

He has over 2,000 followers and 500+ connections, so yes, he’s a very well connected man. His page also states SK is an investor in African tech, and is currently working at JPMorgan. Swanky! “Savvy data engineer with demonstrated experience designing and implementing complex ETL systems, big data pipelines and a robust enterprise data warehouse that powers analytics and business intelligence,” his profile says.

PSA: The URL to his LinkedIn is also “/bigdatask”. You know, to reflect he’s big into data and called SK. Sure.

Bartise Bowden

The LinkedIns belonging to the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

via LinkedIn

There’s not much action going on with Bartise’s LinkedIn. He hasn’t posted much, and it’s all just quite corporate. No interesting header image, a pretty standard head shot as his pic and just some listings for his previous work is all we have to go with. It says he’s currently a senior analyst at VMG Health, and used to work for KPMG, so yeah, he’s pretty big time.

He also has a degree in Accounting from The University of Texas and a Master’s in Accounting from the same uni. Despite saying he’s watched himself back on the show and needs to work on being more sensitive to people’s emotions, Bartise has been endorsed on LinkedIn for teamwork. Note: He has *not* been endorsed for communication.

Nancy Rodriguez

via LinkedIn

Up next is Nancy, and somehow I just feel safe on her profile. She has a very wholesome and welcoming picture, and states she works as a speech-language pathologist lead at Encompass Health. She only has 48 connections, and hasn’t posted much, but she’s worked as a speech-language pathologist at four different companies between 2014 and now.

Her first job was in retail at T-Mobile, and she went to The University of Texas where she achieved a degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She also has a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology.

Colleen Reed

The LinkedIns belonging to the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

via LinkedIn

I feel robbed, because Colleen’s LinkedIn has next to no mention of her being a ballerina, whatsoever. What the hell? It says she studied Public Relations at the University of Oklahoma from 2014 to 2018, and then the only brief mention of her dancing is that she also studied ballet performance at the same time.

Colleen has then gone on to have a number of social media roles across her career, and is currently a senior digital PR strategist at Fractl, where she has worked for three years. “Excellent communication, project management, and organisation skills while instituting creativity,” her profile says. “Experience in developing strategies in order for strong brand presence.”

Zanab Jaffrey

via LinkedIn

Zanab’s LinkedIn is the first to have a little bit of vibe. Her profile picture looks fresh out a magazine and her cover picture is a lil bit fun. It says she currently works in real estate, as a realtor at Ebby Halliday, where she has worked for two years. Before this, she worked as a flight attendant with American Airlines, for six months. Zanab has also previously worked as a spin instructor!

She attended the University of Texas from 2012 to 2014 and got her degree in Public Relations and Image Management. Her degree was graded as “Cum Laude”, which to me and you means “with high honour”. Zanab also has some volunteering experience, as she used to help out at a food bank.

On top of all this, Zanab’s LinkedIn actually has some written recommendations from people who used to work with her. “Zanab is smart, sharp and professional,” one said. “She has a ‘go-getter’ attitude and a charm that is unlike anyone else I’ve met. Truly an all star!” Another reads: “I have the greatest respect for Zanab. She has always been a great worker helping and taking charge to get things completed. I would welcome to work with her again.”

Cole Barnett

The LinkedIns belonging to the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

via LinkedIn

I should have known Cole’s LinkedIn was going to be one of the highlights. His picture is him hiking in the snow, and he has a bio which reads: “After graduating college with my bachelors I took a small detour to San Diego working as a Youth Pastor, until I decided to come home and jump into real estate.”

He goes on to say he has a year and a half of real estate “under my belt”, and has launched a company called Bdellium Real Estate. He has owned that company for three years now.

Cole has a degree in General Christian Studies and has been endorsed for “cold calling”. Sure? One of his co-workers has described him as “a highly passionate individual with a winner mentality” whilst another has said he is “the epitome of a hard worker”. This is the same man who didn’t want to pick his towel up off the floor on the retreat and has flies in his toilet?

Alexa Alfia

via LinkedIn

Alexa has a very swanky LinkedIn, and it’s mainly focused around her business. Alexa is an insurance agency owner, and her company is called Alexa Alfia Allstate Agency – she already has a pretty impressive net worth of $700k from her business. Granted, her profile tells you very little, but just from the picture and her business being on there, it looks good.

Alexa is also listed as having attended Tel Aviv University between 2013 and 2016, where she achieved a degree in Communication and Media Studies. She’s been endorsed for skills put as simply as just “insurance”. She can do…insurance. Nice.

Brennon Lemieux

The LinkedIns belonging to the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

via LinkedIn

I am extremely disappointed by Brennon not having a professional headshot of him in a cowboy hat. Instead, we get literally nothing. He has no picture, no cover image and only 46 connections.

He’s listed as being an account sales representative at Advantage Water Engineering, where he has worked for over four years. Brennon has had a lot of other jobs previously, across a career of more than 12 years. He started as a pharmacy technician, then worked as an electrician and then in tech, before moving onto his current job. If Brennon is nothing else, he’s a grafter.

He’s smart, too! Brennon has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of North Texas and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry from Midwestern State University. He’s also done volunteering work for The Salvation Army.

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