Say ‘I do’ to the 31 wildest memes about the Love Is Blind season three weddings

I hope Nancy’s brother is having a wonderful day x

That’s a wrap! Love Is Blind season three is over, we’ve seen the weddings, and shared all of our favourite memes reacting to them. This season the weddings episode provided just as much drama as ever, and it truly was a whirlwind experience.

I think we can all agree: Nancy’s brother deserves awards and is the best person from this season, Alexa and Brennon are too pure and I love them with all my heart, and I’m still a little bit shook that we watched Colleen and Matt say yes, but there we have it. Oh, and Alexa’s dad is too hot for his own good. Not sorry.

Here are all the best memes and reactions to the weddings in season three of Love Is Blind on Netflix. Strap in, it’s a bumpy ride ahead.

1. Hi Nancy’s brother, this is just me checking you’re having a great day x

2. Looool sorry but yes

3. Give him his own show!!!

4. Ok I was NOT expecting that !!!

5. I love it from him, I really really do

6. Looool accurate

7. There is literally CHAOS left, right and centre!

8. Get IT

9. Riiiiiiiiight

10. I won’t be hearing any other opinions

11. Sorry but there will never be enough appreciation for this scene

12. Hahahahaha let the drama ROLL

13. Lol stop

14. Omg

15. Pls!!!

16. I can’t get over it, sorry

17. These two, wow, love them x

18. Shook all round!

19. This is the best metaphor I’ve ever read

20. She gets it

21. Same hun, same

22. Ok but HOW did he do this?!

The best memes and reactions to the weddings in Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

23. Tell ’em!!!

24. Adore them both, end of

25. Help this is so spot on hahaha

26. Love x

27. Tea is served x

28. 😬

29. And that’s the truth!!!

30. I’m still not over how lovely this moment was

31. Opinions aside, this was a MOMENT

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