Shake from Love Is Blind season two is starting a podcast called Love Is Blurry

Shake is starting a ‘controversial’ podcast called ‘Love Is Blurry’ and it sounds…interesting

He said it ‘won’t be politically correct’ but will show ‘radical honesty’

It’s official: Shake from Love Is Blind is launching his own podcast. Just incase the show wasn’t enough to get his point across, he’s now starting an entire new venture to make sure we see things from his prospective. In all honesty, it sounds pretty wild, and like he’s not going to hold back in discussing his thoughts and opinions.

Shake has aptly named the podcast “Love Is Blurry” after coining the phrase during the reunion episode, where he said he wished the show had been “partially blind” and that he would have suited a show called Love Is Blurry more. He told The Tab the new podcast will cover “controversial topics that won’t be politically correct but all through a lens of radical honesty.”

“I’ve learned a lot during this entire process and am looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned,” he told The Tab. “We have a team in place that is excited to help make sure my story and those who have ended up on my side of reality TV have an opportunity to share more about themselves. People are dimensional and I think it is important to start talking about that.”

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He added: “You have to have a thick skin to be REAL on reality TV” and said he will get controversial people to join him on his show. “The podcast will cover controversial topics with brutal honesty,” he reiterated. “This isn’t a show about being politically correct – its about calling a spade a spade. We will have controversial guests. We will make people think for themselves. We will make people challenge what the media and popular opinion has brainwashed them into thinking. This is not a show for the weak of heart.”

Right now, a release date has not been set for the first episode, but Shake’s Instagram links a profile for it and says it is “coming soon”. The podcast’s account has around 1,000 followers and has already shared a meme of Shaina squinting in the reunion with the Love Is Blind logo blurred.

The bio for the podcast account reads, “The Truth Only Offends Those Who Live Outside Of It” which probably sums up Shake’s opinions very well. One comment on the Instagram adds: “You’re a menace to society and I am here for it”.

The podcast is being created with Citizens of Sound, a podcast production agency. Watch this space I guess!

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