Ranked: The biggest Love Is Blind villains of all time

Bartise, you’re right up there in this one x


Love Is Blind has provided us with many villains over the three seasons it has been on Netflix. There’s something about the wild dating experiment which seems to bring out people’s villainous sides and make them behave in a way they probably wouldn’t have at any other time.

We’ve had a whole range of villains on the show – from baby voice Jessica and meddling Shaina, to full on violence threatening Amber and Shake, who has continued to dig and dig his grave until he’s well and truly outed himself as one of the biggest villains in TV history.

So, here’s a rundown of the biggest villains we’ve had on Love Is Blind, and a brief history of their ~crimes~.

12. Trisha Frame

The biggest villains in Love Is Blind history

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Very minor villian in Trisha, but she cannot go unnoticed. Yep, she had her three minutes of fame, but in it she told us nothing other than that she had loads of friends and Instagram followers, and thought she was prettier than the other girls and they were “not competition” to her. Has she seen this show, or?

11. Giannina Gibelli

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Gigi is a hero and you can’t change my mind. Her *performance* at her and Damian’s wedding deserves awards. But she also deserves the title of a villain for some of her explosive outbursts with Damian. Never forget when she quite bluntly turned around and said: “You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life? Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment?” A moment. And when her and Damian argued at the parties and she got in his face and said: “MOTHER FUCKER, LISTEN TO ME.” I’m here for it, I really am.

10. Diamond and Carlton

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These two are on here joint, because they became villains together with their explosive argument around the pool in season one. They’d got engaged, but Carlton had kept it a secret from Diamond that he is bisexual. Diamond didn’t appreciate being kept in the dark, at all.

Next thing you know he’s saying she’s “shown her true colours” and she’s whipped her engagement ring off. They had a huge slinging match, he chucked the ring in the pool and called her a bitch. “Fuck you, fucker” was Diamond’s only reply before she stormed off around the pool. “Watch your wig cause it’s been sliding since day one.” Amazing.

9. Shaina Hurley

The biggest villains in Love Is Blind history

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Shaina was the Jessica of season two. She picked Kyle, a man she clearly didn’t want to be with, just because she hadn’t got Shayne. She then had Kyle break his eight-year vegetarianism before just ditching him at the retreat. She then continued to meddle in Shayne and Natalie’s relationship, calling it “comical” and even trying to hook Natalie up with one of her mates. Enough.

8. Amber Pike

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To this day I am still petrified of Amber Pike. This woman threatened violence, multiple times. She straight up told us she was ex-military and from then on she had me, whatever you want Amber, it’s yours. When the whole love triangle with her, Barnett and and Jessica came out, Amber threatened to break Jessica’s nose…twice.

7. Shayne Jansen

The biggest villains in Love Is Blind history

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Shayne!! It broke my heart watching Shayne yo-yo with our emotions. First he was all “what are you wearing” to Shaina and getting Natalie’s name wrong, then he brought himself back with him and Natalie looking like one of the strongest couples, but it all fell apart at the weddings. Shayne and Natalie had an argument where he had said he hated her and she was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Plus, his ego has never been more bruised than when he couldn’t hit a baseball. Red flag. This man punches holes in his bedroom walls.

6. Matt Bolton

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At times, Matt in season three was petrifying to watch. He was aggressive, and lost his temper with Colleen, on screen a couple of times. He screamed in Colleen’s face when he heard an out-of-context section of a conversation she had with Cole. Colleen was stood in front of him, in tears, and he continued to shout at her. And then he phoned Bartise, who was clearly the relationship expert, and shouted about Colleen going out.

5. Kelly Chase

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Miss Kelly Chase. Kelly has to be high up in the Love Is Blind villains list, purely for how much this was one we were never expecting. In season one, Kelly and Kenny were the Prince and Princess of the show. So wholesome, so innocent and so in love. Kelly then pulled the wool from our eyes and said no at the altar. Shocking. It still gets me.

4. Jessica Batten

The biggest villains in Love Is Blind history

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Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. We gave her the villain edit, and for that we should all apologise, because she was actually extremely sweet and misunderstood. But, she did provide us the villain moments in season one. I will never forget her baby voice, non-stop mentioning of her being 34 and Mark being 24, how drunk she got at the bachelorette, saying Barnett was “really hot and sexy” when her fiance Mark was in the next room, feeding her dog wine and then turning up to her own wedding with chipped nail varnish and chewing gum. An icon. Give this woman awards.

3. Damian Powers

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Damian is right up in the top three for the pure villian arc he took us on. There were hints that his and Gigi’s relationship was cracking from early on, and then he really had us at their wedding. He turned on the water works and had us all genuinely feeling a bit sad for him as he turned down Gigi and she dramatically stormed off. But then, they got back together and it just never looked like he recognised how much he was punching there? Who, and I repeat WHO turns up to the reunion party which is about celebrating your time with the girl you’re meant to be seeing with another girl?! HE BROUGHT ANOTHER DATE. And, this date was someone he had a rumoured fling with?? From another Netflix reality TV show??? I beg someone tell this man to stop.

2. Bartise Bowden

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Bartise was definitely the biggest villain of season two, and I am still disappointed that he wasn’t given more of a bad time during the reunion episode. Bartise completely missed the beat when it came to the premise of the show, because he was constantly talking about looks. He also gets added villain points for his bad hair and dangly earring – I don’t make the rules.

He proposed to Nancy when he couldn’t get Raven, but continued to talk about how physically attractive he found Raven, even having these conversations with Nancy – his fiancee. He tore Nancy’s self-confidence down by making sure absolutely everyone was aware he thought Raven was really attractive.

He then said no to Nancy at their wedding and tried to be a big man in front of Nancy’s family, but secretly we all know given half the chance Nancy’s brother would have taken Bartise on.

Oh, and let’s not forget the abortion chat! Yep, Bartise, a man, thought he could decide what women can and can’t do with their bodies when they fall pregnant. His conclusion you ask? Women are allowed “one free pass” to an abortion. Thanks!

1. Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee

The biggest villains in Love Is Blind history

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Ah, Shake. The biggest of all the Love Is Blind villains there are. We’ve given this man his five minutes of fame and he has really gone with it. We should have known that he was a wrong’un from the minute he said he likes a girl he can lift up at a festival, squeezed Deepti’s bum and told her he was going to get her pregnant. From then onwards he has continued to confirm he is very superficial, actually does just care for looks, and I won’t forgive him for telling everyone except Deepti that he doesn’t fancy her.

Thank all of the angels above for Deepti saying no. God can you imagine if she hadn’t seen through him?! Then he became even more childish with his “it’s a celebration I probs would have said no anyway” reaction at the wedding, and weird comments about it being fine because he had dinner at Nobu on Sunday. Honestly Shake, grow up. I don’t even need to go on about how sour he’s been since the show, saying he’s not at all sorry for what happened and his car crash of a reunion episode. We’re moving on now, you’re done.

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