Matthew from season six might just be the worst Love Is Blind casting of all time

And we’ve had the likes of Shake and Bartise already

New episodes of Love Is Blind have just dropped on Netflix and I have one thing to say to you: Matthew. Wow. How did the show get this so wrong? There’s having a villain who makes for good TV and then there is just straight up awful casting. He is definitely the latter.

From the get-go it’s clear he’s not really in the experiment for the right reasons, as he shuts down his first date for asking questions about him. At first he tries to pass off his actions as a cute “oops I don’t know what I’m doing” sort of notion, but as it goes on, he gets more and more toxic.

Matthew in Love Is Blind season six

via Netflix

So, who is Matthew from season six of Love Is Blind on Netflix?

37-year-old Matthew Duliba is a senior financial advisor. He described himself as a “country boy” and ahead of the show, said he has been “emotionally guarded” in the past. However, he is letting his walls down and hoping to find someone as “driven” as he is.

Matthew is awful casting for the show, and is everything Love Is Blind should not be

At the beginning of the show, Matthew said he wasn’t used to “putting himself out there” like this, and said the show was very much out of his comfort zone. He then proceeded to almost interview each of his blind dates, with a list of questions to ask them. When questions were posed back at him, he was taken aback, and said he “didn’t expect” the women to want to know him too. Um, what? But that truly was just the start.

Matthew is emotionally unavailable, and his lack of intent is everything Love Is Blind strives to not be. The boys also pointed out red flags they had spotted about him, noting in the first episode of season six that he was sitting in the corner taking notes a lot, and not speaking to anyone about his dates in the pods.

Matthew in Love Is Blind season six

via Netflix

Spoilers to follow, but the first section of the show sees Matthew form connections with both AD, and Amber. Throughout, it’s very clear he’s been telling the girls the same things. Early on he told AD they should quit the show from the pods right then and there, and he’d propose outside. When she caught up with Amber, AD found out he’d said those exactly words to her as well.

During a chat between AD and Matthew, Matthew then tried to switch the tables on AD, and analyse her experience on the show, questioning her and how she’d implied things.

Matthew and AD later revealed Amber had left the experiment, and Matthew said he assumed that was because of him. He told AD he needed to go after Amber as he “broke someone’s heart on national TV” and also left, putting an end to things with himself and AD. Matthew literally said he had “America on his side” – but boy, we are not backing you.

It’s not clear if Matthew and Amber will be back later in the show, but Netflix take it this way, we don’t want Matthew back.

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