Love Is Blind season two star Shake is not sorry over what happened with Deepti

Wait, so now Shake is saying he’s ‘not sad or sorry’ for what happened with Deepti?!

‘You don’t have to like me, only I have to like me’

The last few days have been the height of Love Is Blind season two drama. It all started with the weddings, which provided wall-to-wall shocks, and couples we thought were at least kind of solid saying “I do not” at the altar. Then there was the fallout from Shake’s childish response to being rejected by Deepti, which everyone was talking about. The other day, after Deepti’s brother called him a “loser” and a “clown”, Shake seemed to take some responsibility for what happened – admitting he’d “made mistakes”. But now, he’s outright said he’s not at all sorry?!

In a new video posted to his Instagram, Shake referenced the previous statement, where he had said he wants to be better in the future. “I mentioned earlier that there are certainly things that I want to work on for myself or get better at but one thing I don’t feel inclined to do is to pretend I’m sad or sorry about certain things — certain things that were out of my control, certain things that I can’t necessarily even speak about,” he said in his latest post.

“I’m just not going to do that. I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry. I think I handled the situation as best as anybody in my situation could. At the end of the day, I’m going to live my best life going forward and you don’t have to like me, only I have to like me, thankfully.” The post is captioned: “And that’s real life.”

In the video he posted earlier this week, Shake admitted to making mistakes during his time with Deepti, but tried to say the show made it look a lot worse than it actually was. “I’m not perfect, I think I’m a good person,” he said. “I wanna be better. If you have a suggestion for how to make me better, let me know. Maybe keep all the hate to yourself for now – I don’t know, I’m a human.”

This came after Deepti’s brother posted a lengthy statement calling Shake a “loser” and a “clown” who they “welcomed into our home and you saw it as an opportunity for clout”. Honestly, the drama never ends.

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