A rundown of what Shake has been up to since he was the Love Is Blind season two villain

Um, Natalie threatened legal action against him?

In season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix, Shake Chatterjee was by far the show’s biggest villain. He was ripped into for how he treated Deepti, and rightly so. But you might be wondering what he’s been up to since, and if he’s managed to make some sort of shock change in his life and turn it all around.

In case you’ve forgotten, during season two of Love Is Blind, Shake was slated for saying he wanted a woman he could put on his shoulders at a festival, asking his dates about their weight, and he was accused of making comments about Deepti’s appearance. But now, he’s seeing someone new, has new work ventures and has moved out of Chicago.

People from the Love Is Blind cast don’t seem to talk to him much anymore, and one even has legal issues with him, so maybe it’s not all in the past? Here’s a look at what he’s been up to.

Shake didn’t get married on Love Is Blind, but is now dating someone new

Shake from Love Is Blind season two on Netflix since the show

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During the weddings section of Love Is Blind season two, queen Deepti chose herself, and rejected Shake at the altar. But not long after the show, it was revealed Shake was seeing someone else. He is now with Emily Wilson, and the couple went official just two months after the show aired on Netflix.

After being slated for saying he likes slim blondes on the show, Shake met stunning blonde Emily at a pool party. Of course he did. “I met her at a pool party in Miami,” he told US Magazine. “I’m just chilling there with these Harvard girls on spring break, Harvard grad students. So I’m with these beautiful girls and they’re smart and then Emily comes up with her group of friends.” He said he and Emily “got talking” and spent the day together.

28-year-old Emily works as a growth strategist, and has said she never watched Love Is Blind. That’s probably for the best.

He’s launched a podcast

After Love Is Blind aired, Shake decided we needed to hear more from him – so he launched a podcast. He had aptly named the podcast “Love Is Blurry” after coining the phrase during the reunion episode, where he said he wished the show had been “partially blind” and that he would have suited a show called Love Is Blurry more. But, he’s since changed the name to “Life is Blurry”.

He told The Tab the podcast covers “controversial topics that won’t be politically correct but all through a lens of radical honesty.” He said: “This isn’t a show about being politically correct – its about calling a spade a spade. We will have controversial guests. We will make people think for themselves. We will make people challenge what the media and popular opinion has brainwashed them into thinking. This is not a show for the weak of heart.”

He hosts the podcast alongside his new girlfriend, and it’s now in its second season.

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He now lives in Miami and has been keeping up some of his vet work

Season two of Love Is Blind was with a cast based in Chicago, but Shake has since moved to Miami where his girlfriend lives. After the show aired, Shake said he was “taking a break” from his previous job as a vet. But, it looks as though he’s back working within the field, in his new city.

He posted on Instagram to say he has his veterinary license in Florida, and has been looking after the dogs who work for the Miami Beach police department!

Shake from Love Is Blind season two on Netflix since the show

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Natalie from Love Is Blind season two has threatened Shake with legal action?!

It’s been reported Natalie, who was on Love Is Blind season two alongside Shake, served him with a cease and desist notice in August this year. This is allegedly because Shake had made false allegations about her in interviews.

A cease and desist letter is a document sent to an individual or business to stop alleged illegal activity. So basically, it means Shake has to stop talking about Natalie.

He skipped out on the Love Is Blind reunion episodes

Shake from Love Is Blind season two on Netflix since the show

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You might have noticed Shake didn’t appear alongside his fellow cast members in the three Love Is Blind: After the Altar episodes. This is because he wasn’t interested in the show anymore or how he had been portrayed. “I was approached,” he said. “But I said no, because I just didn’t trust how they were going to edit me.”

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