A whole bunch of Love Is Blind memes, all just about how awful season three’s men are

I thought just their opinions were bad, but then we saw literal flies in Cole’s toilet

So far, this season of Love Is Blind has been a wild ride. A lot is going on between the pairs, and we’ve seen a lot of issues get spoken about and addressed within these couples. But, the underlying thing that is shining out this season is that the men in Love Is Blind season three are awful – and the memes about them are ~speaking~.

There have been some glaring red flags shown by Matt, Bartise and Cole. Matt has been shown being aggressive, Bartise has pretty much avoided the part of the show where you don’t care about looks, and thought we all needed to know his opinions on abortion, and Cole has been called out for some of comments towards Zanab. And don’t get me started on his toilet. I’m still coming to terms with that. All else I’m saying is SK and Brennon are too pure, and they don’t deserve to be tarnished by this same brush.

So yes, here are a whole load of memes about Love Is Blind season three, but just focusing on how awful the men in it have been. It really is a lot.

1. He needs to STAY AWAY


The best memes and reactions to the men in the cast of Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

3. I just don’t understand???

4. Please

5. Raven, I feel you

6. It’s painful!

7. I want to be sick please

8. And never come back

9. WHY

10. It’s hurting me

11. What was his thought process behind saying this?

12. Love that from her x

13. I’m rolling my eyes

14. I’m still so shocked by this

15. :///

16. Loooool pretty much, that was too gross

17. That’s the tweet!

18. Ok but this too looool

19. 🙂

20. I’m so shook help


22. I actually love that they gave him hell

23. Um, I couldn’t have put this better at all?

24. I think so!

25. RUN

26. Preach

27. Never!

28. Guys, I’m tired

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