Every single Love Is Blind season three moment where all the men waved a glaring red flag

Cole saying Zanab was bipolar is the brightest of them all


This season of Love Is Blind is truly unmatched when it comes to shit men. Every single episode just gets worse and worse as true colours start to show and to be honest, I’m manifesting that they didn’t end up marrying their partners. Matt, Bartise and Cole are the red flag holy trinity. In fact, their flags aren’t just normal toxic red – they’re dangerously red. At a certain point I thought SK and Brennon were in the clear but SK’s recent behaviour at the altar landed him firmly on this list. Plus Brennon is just too boring which is a red flag within itself – no one is safe!!

It’s actually terrifying how these men behave and it makes me question at what point can producers step in? Because there have been instances where my jaw has been firmly on the floor whenever they have spoken or made their fiances cry. So here’s a rundown of every single red alarming red flag they have waved since the pods.

Matt can’t seem to control his temper

I need to know at what point can producers step in to help diffuse an increasingly angry situation between a couple. Because someone should have stepped in between Matt and Colleen in Malibu because he was seeing red and nothing else.

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Cole and Colleen told each other they were both attractive which isn’t great but it didn’t deserve the outrageous reaction Matt gave. He was pissed off Colleen didn’t shut down Cole immediately and when she started to cry after the fight he didn’t care. He told her that as an engaged woman, she should not call other people attractive. He was getting in her face and was shouting – clearly the whole thing touched a nerve and unleashed some trauma surrounding his previous relationship where he was cheated on.

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Matt then asked the producers behind the camera what they would do if their wife complimented another man. Somehow Colleen found the space to forgive Matt and they briefly made up before Matt got mad again. He was angry at Colleen for going to a bar and not coming home until late – he literally packed his bags and everything. Bartise then came in and told him he would pay money to be in Matt’s situation right now as Matt actually has a connection with his fiance. The whole thing was really weird and felt off. Matt was incredibly toxic and Colleen needs to run far away.

Bartise said women get ‘one pass’ for abortion

In the sixth episode, Nancy took Bartise to see one of her five rental homes which she co-owns with her ex-boyfriend. Instead of showing concern over the fact she’s financially connected to her ex still, Bartise was gagged over the thought of her being able to buy the property for $100,000 and not be in any kind of debt. His eyes literally lit up when she mentioned her finances.

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Then later on in that episode, Nancy’s brothers grilled Bartise on whether he’d still love Nancy if she gained 400 lbs. His response was so bad, he said: “I’m not going to sit here and tell you physical attraction doesn’t mean anything. I take care of my body and I hope that my future wife takes care of her body.” He continued: “Nancy will be my future wife and if she gained 400 lbs, I would hope that we connected to where she’d be okay with me saying, ‘Hey let’s go on a little diet here,’ before it ever got to 400 lbs. I mean, I’ll say I’m not attracted to a 400 lbs girl, right? And the conversations that me and Nancy had have shown me that we can get through that and that won’t be a problem.”

Probably the most talked about moment from the newest batch of episodes is the conversation Nancy and Bartise had about abortion. The two were discussing their timelines for children when Nancy explained she has an increased chance of a higher-risk pregnancy than women who have children at a younger age, considering the fact she is 31-years-old. She then asked Bartise what he would do if he found out his child had a birth defect and abortion was an option. He responded: “I could not, fuck no.” He then went onto say that a woman can have “one pass” for an unplanned pregnancy but she’s not allowed to have more than one abortion. Nancy argued saying you can’t put a number on something like that, specially in the case of non-consensual sex. Bartise agreed but maintained unplanned pregnancy between consenting partners is not an excuse for an abortion.

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He truly thought he, a man, can determine if and when a woman has an abortion and how many times she can have one. Nancy looked so uncomfortable too, as did every woman watching.

Bartise then brought up Nancy’s views on abortion in front of his family fully knowing they are anti-abortion like him. Then at the end of that episode, Bartise admitted his sister shared her concerns with him over Nancy’s views on abortion which made him lose physical attraction with her.

Cole’s beauty standard is white women

Cole is on a speedy downward spiral when it comes to his own popularity. At the start of the pods he was simply a man-child but every time he has spoken, he’s shown just how much emotional intelligence he lacks. It started when he admitted to Zanab that Colleen was his typical type in “the real world.” Zanab then said he just aired her after they had sex, like he straight up rolled over and said nothing. He also said both Colleen and Raven were tens but Zanab was only a nine. The comment would make anyone feel as though the other women were more attractive – his stats were there to prove his thinking.

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Cole’s dismissiveness of Zanab’s attractiveness isn’t anything to do with her looks, it’s because Colleen is white. Cole’s beauty standard is exclusively white women and Zanab will never meet it and recent episodes have shown her coming to terms with it.

He has zero emotional intelligence as well – he really thought he was doing something by telling Zanab she looks like Kim Kardashian. It wasn’t a compliment, if anything it was an insult.

Just to make things worse, when they were all back in Texas meeting up with each other, Colleen told Zanab how Matt was bothered by Cole’s “inappropriate” confession to Colleen that he found her physically attractive and she was his type outside the experience. This led to Cole and Zanab sitting down and it all kind of hit boiling point. He couldn’t find the right words to get him out of trouble for love nor money. He continued to just dig a deeper hole for himself and attacked Zanab’s self-esteem, he said: “Colleen and I told each other how we feel about each other physically. But in the pods, it was very clear that emotionally we had zero connection whatsoever. And you and I had, like, 11 out of 10 connection. Like, unreal. I proposed to you without seeing you. And then I saw you, and oh my gosh, there was another girl out of the five that I thought ‘Wow. That’s more my type. That’s kind of what I was expecting to marry. But I proposed to a girl named Zanab. You think I thought that Zanab would look like the girls I dated in the past that were named like, Lily?'”

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He’s literally not ready for women like Zanab, the producers should have had more men aged 30 plus in the show because clearly everyone below the age isn’t clued up on women.

Cole weaponised mental health by asking Zanab if she is “bipolar”. The nerve of this man asking Zanab if she was bipolar in the middle of her just trying to be honest with him. Imagine shaming anyone for their mental illness let alone weaponising it against them in a heated moment. Cole’s comment has so many issues, first one being how insensitively he asked her. We haven’t seen Zanab talk about her mental health with him so as far as we are concerned she might have bipolar. He’s evil for this.

Are we going to ignore the fact SK gas lit Raven all the way to the altar??

Literally right up until it was time to say “I do”, SK kept his cards very close to his chest and out of nowhere said he can’t marry Raven. I’m sorry but why would you go on the show if you had plans to move to a completely different state anyway? It’s totally fair of Raven not being keen on compromising because how was she meant to know his plans prior to meeting each other?? Big, big red flag from SK. If it wasn’t for his wholesome mum then he’d be listed as one of the worst Love Is Blind men of all time.

Brennon is just boring, sorry

At this point I was fully thinking he doesn’t have a red flag. But then I thought about the fact he’s so boring and that’s the reason why. So he’s getting a mention by default. Give the ladies something to hate, Brennon. Prove you’re just like the rest of them!!!

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