Just 27 more memes about the wild ride that is Love Is Blind season three so far

Guys I think we need to accept that love is in fact.. not blind

Love Is Blind is getting well and truly going now. We’ve had the pods, which brought loads of memes with it, and now we’re into the next section of Love Is Blind season three, which is proving even more wild. The cast and the drama this season truly are something else.

One thing I think we can all take as a solid conclusion from this season so far is that the men are… bad. Like, straight up. Why do they just not appreciate the women they are with? I’m completely leaving Brennon and SK out of this though, and would just like to clarify we all believe SK is way too pure for this show.

Maybe love has perfect vision? Because this season of Love Is Blind is definitely suggesting that much to us. Here are even more of the best memes and reactions to season three of Love Is Blind so far.

1. Art x

2. Girl, let him GO!

3. I think it’s for the best x

4. Ever!

5. Rate her so hard for this

6. 100 per cent!!!

Even more memes and reactions to Love Is Blind season three on Netflix

7. Love x

8. SK is so pure this show doesn’t deserve him

9. :/

10. I cannot DEAL with this!!!

11. Ok but yes

12. I beg we free them

13. Adore

14. Lol awkward

15. This!

16. Truth

17. I actually love Raven, end of

18. Now THIS is comedy

19. I actually can’t believe that happened???

20. I’m actually begging

21. The decor?!! Pls!!!


23. The bar is in hell

24. And Colleen!!

25. Soz hun x

26. I love him so much

27. Looooool unfortunately yes

28. Do NOT let these two mix

29. And finally

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