Grab your eye drops, these 31 memes from season three of Love Is Blind are chaotic!

WHERE does Netflix find these people, please?!

Season three of Love Is Blind is officially here, and already the memes about the first part of the show have been on fire. We’ve only just had the pod dates and proposals but boy, have these alone provided some incredible moments.

I don’t think I’ll ever be over the producers doing Andrew so dirty and leaving in the bit with him putting in his eye drops, and can we take a moment to remember Raven doing full workouts whilst her dates were pouring their hearts out? Oh, and did anyone catch what Colleen does for a living? I’m not sure if she mentioned it.

It’s only been a matter of days, but already this new season is GIVING. It’s been a mess, and I’m here for every single damn second of it. Here are all the best memes from season three of Love Is Blind on Netflix, so far. Strap in!


2. He was done sooooo dirty

3. Every! Time!

All the best memes and reactions to Love Is Blind season three so far

4. It’s been a while x

5. End of!

6. Literally just why did she do this?

7. Nope, didn’t catch it

8. Bye!

9. Yep, I’m still thinking about this

10. It’s uncanny

11. Oop

12. Ummm, what sorry?

13. My favourite hobby!

The best memes and reactions to season three of Love Is Blind so far

14. I was so confused?



17. Pls!

18. 😭

19. Savage


21. I am HERE for it

22. This was literally too much

23. Of course

24. Has anyone ever seen them in a room together for real?

25. Lmaaaaao

26. Who is with me!!!!!

27. Just wondering x

28. I love the dramatics x

29. Pretty much

30. 👀

31. How pls x

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