People are comparing the Love Is Blind season three cast to old favourites, and it’s hilarious

Is Bartise just Shake in a mask?


Season three of Love Is Blind has literally only just begun, but already people are comparing the new cast members to old favourites from previous seasons. And tbh, I think I’m seeing double?

People are sharing exactly who from the new season gives them the same energy as previous cast members, and they are dangerously accurate. Like, yes, I do think Cole and Barnett from season one are the same person and I actually am yet to see them in a room together to prove otherwise.

Here are all the times people have been comparing the new Love Is Blind season three cast to people who have been on the Netflix show before.

Cole and Barnett

Love Is Blind season three cast compared to old cast members

via Netflix

Since season three dropped, there have been tonnes of memes comparing Cole to Barnett. It’s the American frat boy thing, for sure. Cole has called girls “babes” and definitely says phrases like “adulting” regularly. It’s all giving the stay young forever, boyish feels we got from Matt in season one, aka Barnett. They even look a bit alike?

Someone said Cole and Barnett are like “someone you’d try to kiss in college” and I haven’t stopped thinking about how true that is. I mean, Cole’s last name is Barnett, too. Need I say more?

Cole and Shayne

Shayne was hands down the biggest character from season two, and Cole is looking as though he’s heading that way too. Some of the things he says on his dates, if you closed your eyes you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s Shayne putting on a different accent.

Bartise and Shake

In the retreat section of the show, Bartise has shown himself to be just like Shake from season two. He’s completely ignoring the main premise of the show, you know, that it’s about emotional attraction and not looks, and keeps going on about how he’s physically attracted to Raven. He even threw in a few comments about how he loves that she’s a gym girl, for good measure. Is this man Shake in a mask?

Colleen and Jessica

If you get compared to Jessica, you’re a winner in my eyes. Jessica was the chaotic, baby-voiced favourite of season one, and I can really see this for Colleen. Did anyone know she’s a ballet dancer? Obsessed.

Colleen and Shaina

Shaina was drama central, and also highly compared to Jessica when she was introduced in season two. So it’s only natural she’s being compared to Colleen, too.

Brennon and Nick

Love Is Blind season three cast compared to old cast members

via Netflix

Sorry Brennon, but you just give me the same vibes as Nick from season two. I wouldn’t be surprised if come the retreat he’s telling us he makes his own toothpaste. Plus, Alexa gives me slight Danielle vibes, so it’s all coming together.

Colleen and Matt and Gigi and Damian

Colleen a million percent is giving Gigi energy. Like, she does have her life together, ballet dancer and all, but we can all tell there is drama and chaos waiting to spill out over the surface. Colleen is the one to watch this season, just like Gigi was with season one. She and Matt even look a bit like Gigi and Damian, which is a bit creepy.

Andrew and Sal

Love Is Blind season three cast compared to old cast members

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Who knows what’s next with Andrew? He truly is a character. Much like Sal because if he cracked out a ukulele, I would not be surprised.

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