Right, so when was season three of Love Is Blind filmed?

Any couples who make it down the aisle will have been married for a loooong time

Netflix has just released a new season of our favourite dramatic dating experiment show, Love Is Blind. The pods are back, which means we’re getting a bunch of singles date, and prepare to marry one another, without ever meeting. But, it looks like season three of Love Is Blind was filmed a while ago, so a lot will have changed in the lives of any new couples.

We’re just starting to see the 10-day speed dating section of the show, before we get proposals, a retreat, meeting families, planning weddings and it will end with seeing who says “I do” and who says “I do not”. But when did all this really happen? Here’s exactly when season three of Love Is Blind was filmed.

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When was Love Is Blind season three filmed?

What we see on the show is a three-week event, from dating through to weddings. Filming for the show actually takes much longer than that, so it’s no surprise the show is nowhere near live. Season three of Love Is Blind was filmed in Dallas, Texas, and filming took place back to back with season two. This means the couples have known each other for a very long time already.

The show’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, confirmed in September 2021 that both seasons of the Netflix show had been shot by then. Plus, when two couples from season two got divorced this summer, it was reported this announcement was a year after they had got married. So, it looks as though season two was filmed at the start of summer 2021, and season three was filmed straight after. It can be assumed season three of Love Is Blind was filmed around July / August of 2021.

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So, what does this mean for the show?

In short, it means any couples we see at the end of the experiment getting married, might have already been married for over a year! A year with someone who you agreed to marry without meeting them can bring a lot of revelations, so who knows what their relationship statuses will be now?

We’ve got a lot to catch up on! 👀

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