Love Is Blind past cast members trivia quiz

Quiz: Only a Love Is Blind superfan can actually name these rogue past cast members

Wait, you’re telling me I’ve seen these people before?

A new season of Love Is Blind is here, which means we have 30 new singles dating in the pods. But, would you be shocked to know there are actually 30 daters in the show every single season? Yep, loads of the cast members are briefly shown in the first couple of episodes and we never hear from them again – so only a rare level of Love Is Blind superfan is nailing this quiz to see if you can remember them all or not.

From people who flashed on the screen and now feel like a fever dream, to a few well known cast members you should definitely have fond memories of, the quiz below is going to see how well you remember past people from the pods and beyond. All you have to do is put a face to the name, score high and you’re up there with the people who know this chaotic show best. Sounds easy, right? Give it a go and find out.

Take this quiz to see how well you remember previous cast members from Love Is Blind on Netflix:

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