Love Is Blind fans have accused Cole Barnett of making ‘racist’ comments on the show

‘Cole’s only issue with Zanab must be that she’s not white enough for him’

Cole Barnett got off to such a good start in Love Is Blind season three, however fans have noticed a speedy downward spiral when it comes to his popularity. In a recent episode, during a confrontation with his partner, Zanab, Cole compared her to other women he had dated in the past and fans are calling him out for it.

We saw it last season too, when a guy goes around telling everyone but the girl that he’s not physically attracted to her. It’s disrespectful. Cole literally told Zanab she was a nine and then went on to say Colleen was a 10 but it was okay because he gives “80 per cent of the women in the world less than a seven.” Fans of the show have been calling him out saying he’s not mature enough or ready for a woman as stunning as Zanab. Let’s dive straight into why fans of the show have been calling Cole out for his comments about Zanab, but first here’s some context.

In the confrontation with Zanab, Cole said: “Colleen and I told each other how we feel about each other physically. But in the pods, it was very clear that emotionally we had zero connection whatsoever. And you and I had, like, 11 out of 10 connection. I proposed to you without seeing you. And then I saw you, and oh my gosh, there was another girl out of the five that I thought, ‘Wow, that’s more my type. That’s kind of what I was expecting to marry.’ But I proposed to a girl named Zanab. You think I thought Zanab looked more like the girls I dated in the past that were named like, Lily?”

Fans of the show weren’t pleased with this comment in the slightest. One person on Twitter said: “Cole says he’s ’emotionally in love with Zanab and physically in love with Colleen.’ The thing is both Colleen and Zanab are conventionally attractive so Cole’s only issue with Zanab must be that she’s not white enough for him.”

Someone else said: “Not Cole saying he knew Zanab wasn’t going to look like the girls he dated in the past because her name isn’t Lily. It’s giving ‘I only date white girls. I’ve never dated anyone else but a white girl. I’m only attracted to white girls.'”

People have been alleging Cole’s “type” is exclusively white women. One person on Twitter wrote: “Love Is Blind is actually triggering because Cole’s dismissiveness of Zanab’s attractiveness has zero to do with her actual looks and everything to do with the fact that Colleen is just white. Cole’s beauty standard is white and Zanab will never meet it.”

The Tab has approached Cole Barnett and Netflix for a comment.

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