Every time the men from Love Is Blind season three proved the bar is truly in hell

Free my season three girlies from the shackles of these awful men

The bar is firmly in hell, ladies. This batch of men in Love Is Blind season three are god awful and just so incredibly toxic. This has got to be one of the worst cast ever with Bartise, Cole and Matt sticking out like sore thumbs. At what point do we realise these men go on this show because they can’t find love in real life because they are the problem. That’s the common denominator here surely?

Here’s all the ways the behaviour from the Love Is Blind 2022 men has just seemed straight-up toxic:

Bartise telling Nancy just how much he fancies Raven

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Bartise told his fiance, Nancy, how much he fancies their co-star Raven whilst the couple were in bed together. Nancy needs to run from this man and not look back. Whilst they were lying in bed after having drinks with everyone that evening, Bartise spoke to Nancy about his feelings and clearly didn’t process his thoughts at all. He said: “I loved meeting Raven for the first time, Raven is like the typical girl I would go after in the real world. She came down and he was wearing those tight clothes and I was like she’s a fucking smoke show, she’s shit hot.” And then he decided to ask Nancy if she was ok with that level of honesty – she looked broken.

Bartise telling Nancy he’s going to ‘pump’ kids in her

There’s a specific type of way to word the fact you want to have kids with your partner and this is just not it.

Cole saying Zanab had ‘bigger boobs than expected’

Can I also remind you that Cole said his future wife “needs to have a nice butt,” does he know what show he signed up for? When they saw each other in person the only thing he took away from it was the fact she had “bigger boobs” than he “expected.”

The men literally salivate anytime a woman mentions she’s into fitness

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The dating pool for men is clearly increasingly small given much they all salivate over a woman doing fitness. I understand wanting your partner to be healthy, but this is all about looks to them. Their partner has to be in the fittest shape possible because that is what physical attraction is all about, right? Where does Netflix find these shallow men?? It’s ridiculous.

Bartise is convinced he’s god’s gift to women

It needs to be said that Nancy is too good for Bartise. At one point he didn’t even say goodbye to her when she left the flat and he hadn’t hugged her for a whole day and then he’s getting all defensive the second he notices her speaking to Andrew. His male ego was bruised and she deserves so much better than that.

I need all of these men to just admit they signed up for this show purely based on matching someone who looked like their type.

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