Shayne from Love Is Blind is now going for Lauren Speed and it is… messy

‘I’m not crazy, I’m just sick of being the hit piece cause it doesn’t fit your narrative’

Shayne from season two of Love Is Blind has just gone for Lauren from season one and honestly, this is a mess. Lauren made some tweets when season three of the show came out about the treatment of some of the cast members, and clearly Shayne has over a month later decided he didn’t like it.

Speaking in October, Lauren tweeted about feeling as though the most recent season of Love Is Blind had “cut” all the Black women out of the show. She raised the argument that Love Is Blind says it only keeps in couples who have a genuine connection, regardless of race, but then made the point that Shaina from season two was an example of a white women who was kept on the show, even though she didn’t have a connection with anyone.

You know what’s funny about this… Shaina literally connected with NO ONE on the show, YET she had an entire storyline, matter of fact she opted out (literally LEFT) after the reveal and was STILL FEATURED all the way through to AFTER THE ALTAR soooo….,” she said. 

Shayne has now posted this tweet onto his Instagram story, and demanded Lauren join him on an Instagram live to set the record straight.

via Instagram @shaynejansen

“Hey Lauren, you know what’s funny?” his Instagram post began. “You have me on your podcast and never bring this up. Must’ve got lost in all the Shaina questions you were asking me.” He then made a joke about the memes that went around about his eyes, saying “we all know my eyes couldn’t be more open and crazy” but said he “didn’t see you on set.”

He continued: “How can you verify this? She [Shaina] got the most hate yet she left and you know as well as anyone some stay on for the wrong reasons. Maybe talk about a season three member that had a full blown relationship and they made him look like a prince.

“Let’s do an IG live, no edits possible there. Call out the network that gave you this platform, not a cast member. That’s right you work for them. Let’s be clear I’m not crazy I’m just sick of people using our likeness and being the hit pieces because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Toodaloo.”

Lauren is yet to reply to Shayne, and I wouldn’t hold out for an Instagram live.

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