Who is Frankie Jonas? The fourth Jonas Brother quickly becoming TikTok famous

He is undeniably the best brother

Frankie Jonas is the fourth Jonas brother we didn’t ask for (and weren’t fully aware even existed?) but totally need. Over the past few months, Frankie has gained 1.4m followers on TikTok by coining himself as the “bonus Jonas” and regularly posting TikToks poking fun at his exclusion from the family band.

TikTok has gone mad for Frankie Jonas, with his account even getting temporarily reported because he showed his penis in a video. His followers, hailing him as the king of the Jonas brothers, have spammed Nick Jonas’ comment section asking: “Frankie Jonas has a brother? Since when?”

The obsession with Frankie Jonas is one that you might think you’d be excluded from, but you’re not. After watching two of his TikToks, you’re cast under a spell of being totally invested in every single thing he does. Maybe because he’s fit, but mostly because of his chaotic-good energy. But what do we know about Frankie Jonas? Where did he come from and why is he so iconic? Here’s everything you need to know.

Frankie Jonas is 20 years old

Frankie was born on September 28th 2000. Like most of Gen Z, he’s totally in touch with his star sign, flashing his Libra label as the first thing fellow residents of New York should know about him if they want to be his friend.

He’ll be studying at Columbia University next semester

In an Instagram post shared by Frankie at the start of the month, he revealed that he’ll be going to Columbia Uni to study next semester. Frankie’s attendance at the Ivy League uni is something that he has briefly pointed out on TikTok.

He even consulted a tarot card reader to tell him what he should expect from his time there, she specifically said he will see “loads of exciting things” coming his way.

frankie jonas

Via @Franklinjonas on Instagram

In the Instagram post, Frankie says: “I’m going back to school. Wawawewa LETS GET IT.” Famous relatives such as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas also shared their congratulations beneath the announcement. Imagine.

He’s constantly taking the piss out of his brothers for clout

You’ve gotta respect it. If you’re born into the category of being a Jonas brother but are excluded from the band and their consequential fame, you’re gonna rinse your relatives for clout on TikTok.

It’s likely that Frankie was unintentionally excluded from the band, being at least seven years younger than Nick Jonas. His TikTok’s regularly feature some self-deprecating content in comparison to his brothers. He’s greenscreened himself onto Jonas Brothers album covers with the hashtag #itwouldreallysucktobefrankiejonas.

He’s also taken the piss out of the 2012 reality TV series “Married to Jonas” that followed Kevin Jonas around his married life with his wife Dani. The TikTok starts with “scenes from Married to Jonas that literally send me” and sees Frankie act out an argument between Kevin and Dani over paper napkins.

Frankie was verified on TikTok at the start of December and in his celebration post joked said “Me getting verified and thinking I matter” whilst twerking in nothing but dungarees to Dua Lipa, mwah.

He was arrested for marijuana possession when he was 16

In a TikTok with over 700k likes, Frankie introduces himself as his “high school rumour”. The bonus Jonas was reportedly arrested for marijuana possession when he was 16 years old. In the TikTok he reclarifies exactly which gas station he was caught at which is pretty jokes.

Let’s be clear about this, Frankie Jonas is fit

Since Camp Rock came out in 2008, we’ve become used to contemplating the question: “Which Jonas Brother do you fancy the most?” Finally, Frankie has made answering that question a whole lot easier.

frankie jonas

Via @Franklinjonas on Instagram

Frankie is evidently the fittest Jonas brother. There’s no doubt about it: he’s got 14 tattoos with totally deep meanings behind them, an edgy blonde buzzcut, and the best personality out of the four. Yes, I am totally obsessed. Don’t deny that you aren’t too.

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