Love Island Gossip Column: Amber and Greg’s date was FAKED??! Plus Tom wins worst sponsored post ever

Tom what are you doing pal

Welcome to The Tab’s daily Love Island 2019 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

A weird hoax is claiming Sherif has died, but don't worry he's fine

For some reason, a Sherif fan account started a rumour that he died in a fire at his home. Given Sherif was uploading stories as of about 10 hours ago this seemed unlikely, but it didn't stop trolls commenting "RIP" below his Instas.

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The conspiracy is that Sherif left his hot tap on overnight, which somehow set his house on fire.

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One commenter said: "Can't believe you died on that fire. Phat L."

Another read: "That evil hot water tap. Gone too soon."

The original post, according to The Sun, read: "Rip my boy sherif. My man has f***ing died in a house fire after he left the hot water tap on and spent the last hours of his life suffering horribly.

"Hope his family are OK after this shocking news, rip in peace my bro #blessupmyg."

The account then plugged a fan giveaway and encouraged followers to spam Sherif's account.

The second half of the caption read: "If we can all pay our upmost respects by going onto his account @sherif_lanre and commenting how sad we are. (Everyone make sure to follow, like and tag your friends for a gift card giveaway) #loveisland #dead #freeclout."

People are convinced Jordan was texting producers for advice during the whole Anna debacle

We're still not quite over the possibility of producers having a hand in Jordan's surprise binning off of Anna this week.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted Jordan texting on his villa phone multiple times in the wake of his row with Anna, and many suspect he was asking producers for advice.

He was even looking at his phone during that conversation with Curtis. ?

Some viewers even suggested Jordan could have been texting Michael for advice after taking his place of the villa's biggest villain.

Curtis has already been booked to make an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

Some bad news for those of you who hate Curtis, as he's set to be on our screens even more over the next few years.

Yup, the man who shot to fame on the most hetero television programme ever devised is going to be appearing on the UK's version of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Curtis is set to appear alongside his brother AJ, who is a pro on Strictly Come Dancing. Filming has already wrapped.

According to HELLO! Magazine, Curtis's role will involve some dancing. Woop de fucking doo.

Fans are speculating Amber and Greg’s date wasn’t even filmed at sea

It would appear the fans are becoming as bat-shit crazy as the Islanders, and this week they've convinced themselves Amber and Greg's date was filmed using a green screen.

This isn't the first time fans have been suspicious of a boat date. Last year, ITV had to properly deny accusations that Megan and Wes's boat date was green-screened.

Fans are saying Maura's frustration with Curtis not wanting to shag her indicates a 'double standard'

Last night, Maura climbed on top of Curtis in a last ditch attempt to engage in coitus, only to have him say: "Not tonight." She then spent the next day moping about it.

Fans were divided over the incident. Many shared Maura's frustration over the total lack of shagging this year, while others said Maura's reaction was pressurising and indicated a double standard.

Shane actual Warne called Anna from Love Island a 'rude cow' and no, you are NOT tripping

Love Island attracts all sorts doesn't it? Australian cricket legend Shane Warne is even a fan, and he took a break from his various sports commentary roles to tweet: "Last nights episode of Love Island UK made me happy as the bully and infuriating rude cow Anna finally got voted out.

"Waited eight weeks for this to happen. Yes Jordan should have spoken to her first, but what a reaction (not surprising). FYI, you dodged a bullet, a huge one at that mate."

You think I'm yanking your chain? Here's the tweet below:

The annoying Olay advert guy is actually quite a big YouTuber and is mates with KSI

If you've been watching six weeks of Love Island and haven't seen the Olay guy in your dreams at some point you're probably not even hardcore. Depressingly, it turns out the guy in it is actually a big deal and has a sizeable following.

His name is Callux and he has 2.9 million subscribers. His Wiki page describes him as a "friend of the sidemen." The sidemen, for reference, are KSI's gaggle of YouTuber man-children friends.

Callux's videos, in a nutshell, are annoying (see below):

He also has one million Instagram followers. One of them hilariously commented under an Olay sponcon post: "Such bad engagement in this account.

"1M followers and only 24k liked this picture which is the most important one – an AD. You are actually getting paid to deliver results and it’s not even close to five per cent." Yikes.

Put on your best sunglasses because George has had his teeth whitened

Last week we saw George plugging car air fresheners, and this week he's on stop number two on the Love Island pain train to obscurity. Here he is bragging about getting his teeth whitened:

George, mate, it's time to go.

Anna’s sister apologised for being mean about Jordan

After her absolutely 10/10 tirade earlier this week, during which she claimed Jordan was hiding his feelings in the gaps in his teeth, Anna's sister has been made to apologise.

She said: "Sorry to anyone who I may have offended with my insults towards Jordan but you only have to imagine how hard it is watching your sister be humiliated and insulted through actions in the way she was. Your initial reaction is to insult and humiliate back.

"Probably not the right way to handle things but in the heat of the moment I'm not exactly a turn the other cheek type of person.

"I automatically wanted to embarrass the boy who had broke my sister's heart like that".

Caroline Flack is dating a really fit tennis player

According to The Sun, Caroline Flack has been dating tennis player Lewis Burton, having found him on celebrity dating app Raya.

Here is a picture of him looking fit:

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Out of office ✅ #selectmen #london

A post shared by Lewis Burton (@lewisburtonofficial) on

Look at the state of that caption. Just ew.

Jade from Little Mix is team Amber and quite right too

An earnest fan tweeted the Little Mix account asking who their favourite Islander was and Jade replied to say it was Amber.

Queens supporting queens – we love to see it.

Tragic SponConWatch: Tom is plugging BBC Bitesize… because why the fuck not

We figured out why the Islanders aren't plugging as much tat this year and tl;dr it's because they're BORING.

Thank God for Tom Walker, who perplexingly has done a video for BBC Bitesize.

The video is all about being a good listener. In it, he tells us not to give advice we wouldn't do ourselves. He also says "it's difficult to bite your tongue" and doesn't even flinch.

This Guardian article about Love Island is the lamest of all the ‘over 30s writing about Love Island’ things you’ll ever read

We've spoken before about the series of awful attempts made by the octogenarians at The Independent to engage with Love Island, but this recent piece in The Guardian truly is something else.

Under the headline "Get LIT: how Love Island Time replaced GMT", Adrian Chiles literally wrote: "'Lit', after all, I have recently been told by the above teenagers, is an adjective meaning really great, or something."

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