Love Island Gossip Column: Did producers tell Jordan to dump Anna!!? Plus Amber and Greg had sex?


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Producers encouraged Jordan to dump Anna and flirt with India

If you thought Jordan's surprise U-turn to India two days after making things official with Amber was weird, you're not alone. A lot of people thought there was something off with it, and some speculated Love Island producers had a hand in the whole thing:

It turns out there might be some truth to the rumour. According to The Sun, producers told Jordan he'd be more likely to win if he jumped ship rather than stayed with Anna.

The source said: "Jordan was pushed into saying he likes India in order to cause drama after producers told him he doesn’t have a chance of winning with Anna.

"Now that Michael Griffiths has left and the ongoing ­tension between him and ex Amber Gill is over, they needed something explosive to happen for the final week.

"Anna is a fierce character and they knew she wasn’t going to just let it go quietly if Jordan started growing close to India, especially as they’ve only just become ­girlfriend and boyfriend."

The devil works hard, but Love Island producers work harder. ?

If you can look at these pictures of baby Amber and not say ‘awh’ you genuinely have no soul

Amber has been very careful with her image on Instagram, as we discovered when we compiled all the Islanders' transformations. But the internet hath provided an adorable old pic of everyone's favourite Islander just in time for her to scoop the prize and JUST LOOK AT IT:

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Amber was a big believer in blush, as you can see.

The Love Island villa is owned by a relative of the Queen

Time for Tatler's first appearance in a Gossip Column! Please calm down. Anyway, Tatler have revealed the villa is owned by Nikolaus Broschek, a German businessman.

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A ROYAL residence

How is he the Queen's relative, you ask? Well, Nikolaus is married to Princess Ingeborg Schleswig-Holstein, who is the Queen's FOURTH GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER of Queen Victoria. Her Maj is Queen Victoria's great-great-grandaughter, hence the very loose relation.

Round of applause for Tatler, everyone.

Michael and Yewnade watched the Jordan-Anna argument together

True to her word, Yewande did meet with Michael after he got back. The two livestreamed their reaction to last night's episode on Instagram. Even Michael was shocked at Jordan torpedoing his relationship with Amber, and screenshots show him with his fist in his mouth.

During the clip, Yewande said to Michael: "And I thought you were bad." Quite.

Amber and Greg have been ‘moaning’ all night long

Since Amber vanquished Michael from the villa earlier this week, she's been able to share a bed with the obscenely attractive Greg O'Shea. Apparently, she's been enjoying it too, according to The Daily Mirror.

A source told the tabloid: "They were both moaning lots, especially Amber. The villa was super happy she may have got her happy ending but no one knows what went on.

"Everything is saying they did bits and Amber deserves a bit of happiness, but maybe it shouldn’t have been so loud!"

Curtis is only in LUST with Maura, according to Francesca

Speaking to the The Daily Mail, Francesca said: "I mean, I don’t know if this was shown, but we had a conversation and he had told me that with Maura it was lust, but he’d like to get to know me more.

"When someone says lust, I didn't necessarily take that as, like lust sounds to me very short-term. That's the impression he gave me. "

Anna’s sister called Jordan a 'Shrek look-a-like'

Anna's sister Mandi waded in on her Instagram story to defend her sister last night, and honestly it is a lot to take in.

The tirade went on for a fair bit. Mandi said: "I can't even fucking believe that this 24-year-old fucking Shrek look-a-like has been playing a game with Anna this whole fucking time.

"He's been lying through the gaps in his fucking teeth this whole time.

"Literally that's why he's been hiding all his feelings – in them gaps. Now it makes sense why they're there.

"You've been playing a game – number one – he has been fucking faking it this whole time to get to the finals."

She added: "Also this is why you haven't had a relationship because you just have no fucking feelings. You're just a cold-hearted prick that doesn't take people's feelings into consideration.

"And can I just ask something? Why would you ask someone to be your girlfriend if you even have that doubt in your mind that your head might turn.

"Like isn't the point when you ask someone to be your girlfriend you're like '100 per cent – this is the girl that right now I know I wanna be with.'

"Like, okay if your feelings change one month, two months, three months down the line… but two days?

"Two days later you find out you fancy a girl that's been there the whole time you asked Anna to be your girlfriend?"

Moving outside, she concluded: "This is what happens when you boost a nobody's ego, because you give them some ground, and then they start fucking growing wings thinking they're the shit – 'ah lemme fly to India now, because now I already accomplished Persia, now I can get India."

Not his biggest fan then, huh.

Megan Barton-Hanson said Wes Nelson was ‘vanilla’ in bed

Love Island 2018's best alumna continues to provide good value at the expense of Wes. This week, she told The Sun he was "pretty vanilla" in bedroom. ?

She said: "I don’t remember Wes really liking sex toys.

"In fact he was pretty vanilla in the bedroom, he was only young though bless him, he’s got a lot to learn.

"Whereas I love playing with sex toys, especially the rabbits. Women masturbating is nothing to be ashamed of. I feel like it’s such a taboo."

She said she's lost contact with Wes, but still keep in touch with Charlie Frederick, Sam Bird, and Charlie Brake. Hard lines, Wes. ?

Fans think NONE of the couples deserve the £50k

Forever blind to the reality that many Islanders manage to amass well over a £1 million in estimated wealth, fans are still hung up on the measly £50k the winners get.

Case in point: A tweet saying the £50k "should just go to charity" was met with an approving 52,000 likes:

Fans are disillusioned with the dearth of legit couples in the villa. Last week, we revealed the most popular couple according to Twitter analysis was former friendship couple Amber and Ovie, while most bookies say Molly-Mae and Tommy are the favourites to win.

Lucie and India did a bikini-clad photoshoot together posing with GUNS

We knew India had done a bit of topless modelling before and has even appeared on PornHub, but we didn't know Lucie was involved. Here they are posing together with some guns, for some reason:

The shoot was for Hot Shot Calendar, whose USP is apparently just that: Women posing with guns. Jesus wept.

Maura is doing an A Level results night party in Ireland

This is not drill. Maura will be getting on the razz with the A Level results day gang and there is a legit event you can click attending on.

The event will be held in Palace Navan, a club in Ireland and Maura will be getting litty in the titty there on the 13th of August.

Joanna says the villa is haunted

Joanna told The Daily Star the villa is haunted by a blonde ghost because of course she did.

She said: "We had some weird stuff happen in the villa while I was there.

"We think the place is haunted.

"One time Jourdan was convinced she had seen a ghost.

"She said she had been woken up suddenly and there was this blonde woman bent over her bed and rocking back and forwards.

"She said it looked like Belle but of course it wasn’t her.

"I said to her ‘did you actually see a ghost?’ and she was totally convinced.

"It freaked us all out."

Idris Virgo’s Instagram is now private

Remember Idris? Idris Virgo from Love Island 2018? I don't, but apparently he was in the villa for all of four days before he was dumped.

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This is literally him

Anyway his Instagram is now private so if you wanted to stalk him TOUGH SHIT you can't.

Lucie and Joe kissed at the ITV summer party

Heart FM came through with a cracker of a scoop this week. Mark Wright of all people told listeners he spotted Joe and Lucie kissing at the wild ITV summer party all the dumped islanders went to.

Ringing Joe on the show, Mark said: "I’m walking up the stairs. I see you and Lucy at the top of the stairs having a nice deep emotional chat.

"So can you tell us, is it back on?"

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How missing juice

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Joe replied: "We are just friends but do you know what it was really nice. Just had a good catch up, we haven’t really spoken too much.

"Yeah it was really nice.

"We might have had a little kiss. That’s between me and you though right? Between me and you."

According to The Metro, Joe was under the illusion Mark had rung him for a personal chat (no really) and Mark then hilariously pulled the rug out from under him after Joe had confessed to kissing Lucie.

Joe was a bit peeved by this, but Mark reassured him: "Joe listen you had a kiss with a girl you really like? Who cares?" Who indeed?

#SponConWatch: Callum is STILL plugging car air fresheners

If you look closely enough into Callum's eyes you can actually see his soul slowly crumbling away.

In all seriousness though, are they getting the Islanders to plug a different scent every week? Because that is excessive.

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