Molly-Mae and Tommy want to move in together after the villa

Excuse me!?!?

Molly-Mae and Tommy reveal they want to move in together when Love Island finishes. The pair discuss their moving in plans when they go on their final date tonight!!!

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On this evening's episode, the Islanders are relaxing in the garden when Tommy receives a text which reads: “Molly-Mae and Tommy. It’s time to leave the villa for your final date. #belleoftheball #beautyandtheboxer”

The boys think Tommy could be taking Molly-Mae dancing. So, Tommy seeks advice from Curtis before he heads out the villa. Molly-Mae and Tommy arrive at their date and take a seat in a grand ballroom.

Molly-Mae says: “I genuinely did not think I would come in and meet someone. I hoped I would but I didn’t think that it would become what it has become.”

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Molly starts happy crying and continues: “I just want to thank you, because you have made my time in there so special.”

Tommy replies: “From the moment I met you, I knew in my own heart that you were going to be the one for me. I knew it straight away. I genuinely love you. You’re the girl I’ve been looking for my entire life.”

Molly-Mae then says: “There is not one thing that I would change about you and the way that we are.”

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Molly-Mae wants to know what’s next for her and Tommy. She says: “What do you think is next for us? I feel like we’ve done so much in there. The next thing would be moving in together. It’s even scary to say it!”

Tommy says: “We’ve come through the stages and the next stage would be moving in together.”

Molly-Mae says: “I couldn’t see any reason why living together wouldn’t work. Maybe that is on the cards.” And then the pair dance. Wow. Someone get me some tissues.

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