Vote for the fittest uni boy in the entire country

Cancel your dinner plans because we have 25 tasty snacks for you

Over the last three months The Tab has scoured the country's universities for the the most eligible bachelors, the fittest freshers, and the hottest singles. The battles have been hot, and the boys even hotter.

It's been a solemn burden to bear, but we picked out the 25 most beautiful blokes from each and every local heat, whether they won or not.

These are the finest male specimens from Aberdeen to Southampton, and now it's up to you to vote for the one you believe should be crowned the tastiest snack in the UK. Marvel at their impeccable beauty below:

Harry Strudwick, Newcastle, first year

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More like Harry STUDwick am I right?

Harry owns a hot tub business in Jesmond (the student area of Newcastle) and that's honestly all you need to know.

He also claims asking if "you've ever had your belly button tickled from the inside" was his best go at a chat-up line, so make of that what you will. He's single, believe it or not.


Samuel, Birmingham, fifth year

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Ummm is that the coveted "V"?

Medics are not fit, however surnameless Sam over here is the exception to the rule. He told The Birmingham Tab he would have Batman play him in the movie of his life and his celebrity crush is Velma – "cartoon or film". Loves a warm Carling.


Conor Chapman, Southampton

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It is unconfirmed whether these are the three girls in question

According to The Soton Tab, "Conor was seeing three different girls at once and like the gentleman he is, invited all three round when they found out to sort the dilemma. Seeking to apologise, instead Conor ended up having a foursome."


Gus McGilligan, Durham

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You can see more of lovely Gus on The Durham Tab's Insta story highlights

Gus claims to be "the only DU rugby boy able to down both pints and Subways in record time", but he also loves a cuddle and a Flat White. Sold.


Thomas O'Hare, Newcastle, first year

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There are more pics of Thomas on The Newcastle Tab Instagram story highlights

Not just anyone can win The Newcastle Tab's annual Fittest Fresher competition, and Thomas is certainly *ahem* a FIT fresher indeed. He radiates yungboi vibes and not only is he single, but he's Irish too.

He told The Newcastle Tab his best chat-up line was: "My name's Thomas and you are… gorgeous."


Conall Cromie, Royal Holloway, third year

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Wow those teeth

Conall studies Geology, but more than that he loves travelling. He told The Royal Holloway Tab: "You know what they say about Cornish boys – they love going down south."


Jasper Wind Tordoff, York, first year

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Miraculously this hasn't yet ended up on Tories of Bumble

History of Art student Jasper was the winner of The York Tab's prestigious Fittest Fresher competition, narrowly beating Ben Winsey (featured below).

Jasper describes his ideal date as a "romantic horse ride" and can be found in the pub "discussing the political actions and social climate of Great Britannia." If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea then don't stress – he's taken.


William De Freitas, Manchester, first year

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He's the one in the middle with the perfectly symmetrical beard

I'm gonna be real with you, you're gimping yourself if you don't check out more of this "all round alpha male" on The Manchester Tab's Instagram story highlights.

How this man is a FIRST YEAR is one of life's greatest mysteries, but we're not complaining.


Joe Bates, Southampton

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What a marvellous drink and also a vodka coke

Joe told The Soton Tab he's looking for "wifey #10". He describes himself as "a grower, not a shower". Check out The Soton Tab story highlights for more pics of Joe.


Guy Brown, Royal Holloway, third Year

Is this not the most natural pose you've ever seen?

This Physics student "can down a litre of chocolate milk in less than eight seconds". Not only that, he said he knows "87 per cent of the words to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond."

If you're wondering what Guy looks like without sunglasses, a cap, and a pair of girls in the way, you'll find him on The Royal Holloway Tab's Insta story highlights.


Jordan Earle, Newcastle, first year

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He can see into the depths of your soul through those glasses

Jordan told The Newcastle Tab he once chased a Leazes cow around the field whilst blindfolded and describes his ideal date as "Peaky Blinders and Deliveroo."


Theo Osbourne, Exeter, second year

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Yes he's a model well done do you want a medal?

This yungboi advocate and economics student just wants "a sweet Christian girl to hold hands with." Quite lame, yes, but when you bare in mind some of the thoroughly rancid stuff the Newcastle lot were coming out with, it's probably not the worst thing he could want.

Of course there are lots of pretty pics of him on The Exeter Tab Instagram story highlights.


Darian Bowers, Oxford Brookes, first year

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He's the dapper one on the left

Like everyone else at Brookes, Darian does Business and Management, and seems the sort of person who'd unashamedly rock a "Brookes not Books" t shirt. He'd probably buy his girlfriend one too.

He was voted The Tab Brookes's fittest fresher by a landslide, and told us he'd celebrate by "cracking a cold one open with the boys." You can see the other freshers he defeated on The Brookes Tab Instagram story highlights.


Jack Dobson, Durham

Image may contain: Sleeve, Arm, Face, Female, Human, Person, Clothing, Apparel

A Durham student wearing Jack Wills? Shock

Jack has really nice arms and, you guessed it, he's also been in the fashion show! He'll take you to The Fighting Cocks for a date, and you know what? You could do worse. He describes himself as "single and desperate" if that's your bag.


Yinka Sobamiwa, Southampton

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Just look at that fade. Unbelievable gradient on that

Yinka prefers anime and chill to your average fuckboi's Netflix vibe. He goes to the gym, has great dress sense, and is described by friends as "an absolute angel." He studies Accounting and Finance so he is not unfamiliar with getting that bread.


Guy F P Watts, Lancaster, second year

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He's certainly wearing a suit in a field

Look I'm not saying The Lancaster Tab's Hottest Single competition was slim pickings but here's a Management student who describes himself as the "biggest Tory on campus" IN LANCASTER.

He'll probably be really sad if you don't vote for him.


Benjamin Hooper, Royal Holloway, first year

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Pics of Benjamin with better lighting are on The Royal Holloway Tab Instagram story highlights

This "humble" Italian stallion is described as a "top chap". He plays polo, ladies and gents.


Scott Chalmers, Aberdeen, second year

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You can't go far wrong with a medic in possession of a nice beard, nope

Look, I told you we had people in from Aberdeen so here is Scott. This medic told The Aberdeen Tab he once broke a bone in his foot jumping out of a window after his one night stand went terribly wrong – the lucky lady's parents weren't best pleased.

Joe Wyche, Newcastle, first year

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What I wouldn't give to be any one of those straws

Joe might be eye-meltingly pretty, but he's also taken. This short paragraph is all he deserves.


Pierre Thompson, Exeter, third year

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Either 'Exeter Rugby Boy' is on your bucket list or it's not, tbh

Business and Economics student Pierre told The Exeter Tab he was "able to pull girls with a mullet," but if you're worried if that means he's some sort of fuckboy, don't worry. He plays rugby.


Isaac Ransome, Manchester, Masters

Image may contain: Boxer, Asleep, Sleeping, Pitbull, Person, Human, Dog, Pet, Bulldog, Mammal, Animal, Canine, Cushion, Pillow

Is this art? I think it's art

According to The Manchester Tab, this Classics daddy "is a sensual boy with the vocabulary and charm of a beautiful cherub." You'll find a treasure trove of extra pics of him enshrined in The Manchester Tab Instagram story highlights.


Ben Winsey, York, first year

Image may contain: Man, Performer, Face, Person, Human, Tuxedo, Suit, Apparel, Coat, Clothing, Overcoat

Do you reckon he tied that bow tie himself?

Ben here narrowly lost out to Jasper for the title of York's fittest fresher, which is a shame because he seems like a perfectly lovely boy. He does Women's Studies and he's single. Described to The York Tab as "the daddy of hockey freshers", Ben knows what to do to "score on and off the pitch."


Callum McClean, Newcastle, first year

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You could be where the dog is in this picture

This Welsh lad's ideal date is "pizza, pints, and a rugby game". He's a man of simple tastes with a five star Uber rating so you know he's "a good ride."

There are pics of him without his dog on The Newcastle Tab Instagram story highlights.


Rotimi Akindeinde, Durham, fourth year

Image may contain: Hair, Person, Human, Face

Rotimi has been in Durham's needlessly extra fashion show because of course he has. The Durham Tab featured basically Rotimi's entire Instagram in their story highlights because he is a whole vibe. He told us he doesn't "tend to need" a chat-up line. Wow.


Ollie Stearn, Exeter, second year

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He's the one attached to the big bicep

Ollie over here beat past all manner of Exeter poshos to be crowned Exeter's most eligible bachelor. He loves "going to the gym and bolting VKs at Fever" (no, really.) And told The Exeter Tab his favourite thing about his uni was "fit blondes". Quite.

Yes there are more pictures of him on The Exeter Tab Insta story highlights, stop asking.


Vote for the fittest uni boy in the UK below