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Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The boys, semi-final

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Here you are again, ready to drool over this year's fit freshers. We've had a hefty amount of votes and have managed to gather the cream of the crop for this year's semi-finals.

With the top three contestants from each category, we've managed to find six of the most beautiful boys in the Newcastle. So get voting, and make sure you stick around for the final!

JOE WYCHE – Round one winner

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With over a third of the votes, Joe was an easy first place in round one. Unfortunately he's taken (which probably explains why his dream date ends with seperate taxis home), but does have a hole in his right knee so, every cloud.

JORDAN EARLE – Round one

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With probably one of our favourite facts from this year's competition, Jordan has chased a Leazes cow around the field whilst blindfolded (presumably him, not the cow). If this doesn't make you weak at the knees then wait until you hear what his perfect date is – Peaky Blinders and Deliveroo. Dreamy.

ADAM BEESE – Round one

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In round one, Adam said his best chat up line is: “Mae eich llygaid yn brydferth”. That's roughly translated to "Your eyes are beautiful"… cute. His favourite date spot is Nandos, so if you're a gal who loves chicken then Adam is the guy for you.

THOMAS O'HARE – Round two winner

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Ah, finally. A boy who knows how to pose in a pic and understands filters. Thomas' ideal date is to have a few bevs in Mimos and then "see where the night takes us". Maybe you're more of a Soho gal, but maybe Thomas is the boy to change your mind.


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Although he's a worthy semi-finalist, we all know that the real reason Harry's here is because of the goat. Oh, and he owns a hot tub rental service, which means date night is fun, free, and possibly a bit sexy.

HARRY GREEN – Round two

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Harry probably came in third place in the second round because he mentioned Fortnite, but he redeemed himself by sending us this cute sunset pic. He's also pretty straightforward and doesn't like to mess around – rate that.