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Meet the first bunch of this year’s DUCFS models

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In anticipation of the show's ticket sale release on Wednesday 28th November, meet the first batch of this year's DUCFS models.

See these bunch represent all walks of Durham life.

Rotimi Akindeinde, Fourth Year, Aidan's

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"I wanted to be a model becuase I quite liked the idea of being part of a DU sport /society, and this is the only one that would take me."

Emm Brooks, Fourth Year, Grey

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"Sustainability means being educated on the impact of your choices, then sharing that knowledge so it goes beyond your own decision making. It means knowing the difference between what is necessary and what is excessive."

Chris Bradshaw, Second Year, Josephine Butler

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"The thing i'm most excited for for DUCFS 2019
is wearing wavy garms and making my friends watch my oiled up body."

Lindz Tan, Third Year, Collingwood

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"I wanted to be a model because being part of DUCFS 2018 was such a highlight of last year that I really wanted to repeat the experience! (small confession: I still sometimes listen to the playlist from last year's show to hype myself up."

Oscar Noble, Second Year, Collingwood

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"For me, sustainability means doing what you can, being conscious of the little things. Take your own bags to the supermarket, recycle, walk. Be content with what you have – don't let the deafening voice of consumerism tell you otherwise. I'm not saying go and buy a prius, but be aware that we can all make a difference if we start small and aim big."

Holly Orchard, Second Year, Castle

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"Sustainability is so important to our day to day lives, it’s ever changing and ever emerging in new ways and in new contexts. It’s not just about fashion, it’s not just about diet, it’s more than just a 5p bag in Tesco, it’s a whole movement."

Ted Lavis Coward, Fourth Year, Aidan's

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"I wanted to be a model because, with fashion edging ever closer to gender neutrality I'm really excited to have started to seeing myself represented in the industry. When I saw the advert for DUCFS auditions I was thrilled to see the consideration of various aspects of identity and I was keen to get involved and try to improve the huge issue of representation in Durham, if only in a small way."

Nina Pandya, Third Year, Grey

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"Sustainability is important because as every passionate GCSE Geographer will know, to develop a sustainable future you need to think about meeting today’s needs as well as those of future generation."

Archie Timmis, Second Year, Collingwood

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"I'm excited to be a model because I’m quite excited to share another event dressing up with my college husband, Johnny. Its quite romantic."

Alice Reynolds, Second Year, Chad's

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"The thing i'm most excited for for DUCFS 2019 is to wear pieces from collections that are both visually and ethically powerful."

Indigo Charles, Third Year, Hild Bede

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"I wanted to be a model because of the easy access to sponsored snacks."

Christian Glenn, Third Year, Grey

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"To me sustainability means not doing the washing up to save water."

Mia MacDermott, Third Year, Cuth's

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"I wanted to be a model because of the charity, the theme, the creativity… and it’s by far the most exciting form of dissertation procrastination."

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