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Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: Heat Two

Wit-wooooo it’s heat two

Has it been a week already?! Welcome to the second heat of Fallowfield's Fittest.

Okay, this one is a bit of a sausage fest (especially Jacob Leech) but we're lacking slightly in fit gal nominations. Head to The Manchester Tab's Insta to nominate some fit Fallow females, and to ogle even more pics of these fitties.

Get voting for who is going to battle it out for the title!

Jacob Leech, 2nd Year, Events Management at MMU

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The face of a man with a 'massive package'


Jacob deserves to win because he "has a massive package", trust us – just check out his insta. ?

Jacob Stenton, Real Estate, Masters, UoM

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The view isn't bad either x


Jacob deserves to win because he has "the best jawline in Manchester, he's also 6"2 and built".

If that doesn't swing it for you, he's got great taste in insta back-drops, too.

Isaac Ransome, Classics, Masters, UoM

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Unfortunately Isaac is the human, not the doggo


Isaac's nominee told us "Isaac is a sensual boy with the vocabulary and charm of a beautiful cherub. No doubt he is very popular with the females of fallowfield."

Farris Ramzy, Neuroscience, Masters, UoM

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Farris qualifies for the Fittest of Fallowfield due to "his serial heart breaking and exotic good looks", not to mention his coveted BNOC status.