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Vote for Durham’s most Eligible Bachelor: Round one

Love is still in the air!

Our bachelor and bachelorette competition is in full swing. You’ve already seen our first heat of bachelorettes, now it’s the boys’ turn. Head to The Durham Tab’s Instagram story to see even more of them.

Rotimi Akindeinde, fourth year, St Aiden’s

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DUFCS alert!

Your best chat up line

I don’t tend to need one.

Three words to describe you

Tall dark and handsome.

Your ideal date in Durham

VIP booth on a players Wednesday.

Blaise Radford

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‘He never fails to give up on his hopes that one day he’ll find a girl that loves him as much as he loves cuddling’

Your best chat up line

My chat is dead, fortunately I have a red gilet to make up for it.

Three words to describe you

Elitism, bitterness and stash.

Your ideal date in Durham

Lloyd’s breakfast followed by a day session. Three Bridges or Swan, I’m not picky.

Thomas Walton

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‘He’s an all round top lad and will earn buckets’

Your best chat up line

If you were a book in the Billy B, I’d check you out.

Three words to describe you

About six foot.

Your ideal date in Durham

Friday night Jimmies followed by a Paddies.

Jack Dobson

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‘Computer scientist hunk with a desire for everything extracurricular’

Your best chat up line

*whispers* Brexit means Brexit.

Three words to describe you

Handle with care.

Your ideal date in Durham

Pints at The Fighting Cocks – the ultimate test of a relationship.

Will Withyman

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‘Known as the Baby Faced Assassin. Although he looks young that doesn’t dissuade women from falling at his feet.’

Your best chat up line

Hey, you’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.

Three words to describe you

Imaginative, decisive and I can’t think of a third one.

Your ideal date in Durham

I would take my date on a walk along the river to a secret spot for a picnic, but you’ll have to get one to find out where.

Head to the Durham Instagram story for even more of our first round of bachelors!